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8 Bungee Cord Tricks That Are Borderline Genius


You probably have a couple of bungee cords in the garage or in your trunk to tie things down, if you don't, you can buy some here... but did you know they’re great as organizational tools, too? It’s true!
Below are 8 bungee cord tricks that are pure genius. ↓

1. Combine a Bungee Cord with some Electrical Staples and you'll have an easy DIY Tool Organizer! 

2. Make shelves above your desk to hold your magazines, notebooks and planners facing forward.

3. Maybe you’re an RVer? use command hooks and a bungee cord to keep your trash can in place

4. Bungee Cord + Tablecloth, No more worrying about your tablecloth flying away!

5. Store your extension cords by combining a bungee cord with a bike hook! Isn't this great?

6. Use a bungee cord to hang grocery bags! No more items spilling out of the grocery bags!

7. Combine bungee cords and wine corks to make these lovely cord ties!

8. Next, use a bungee cord to hang ugly thermal drapes behind your pretty curtains. What a great (and cheap!) fix.

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