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How to Properly use Soft Loops


Just received your new Rhino Soft Loops? Below is the proper way to use them for best results!

Soft Loops are used to make secure connections for tie-down straps. By looping inside itself, the soft loop creates a stable anchor point that won’t slip or slide along the tie-down point during travel. It is highly recommended to use soft loops in any tie-down situation where it is imperative that the surface does not get scratched by metal hooks.

Step 1: Wrap the soft loop around the desired tie-down point

Step 2: Insert a loop end completely through the opposite loop end

Step 3: Pull the inserted loop tight for a firm hold. This will cinch the opposite loop tightly against the surface.

Step 4: Insert the strap hook into the soft loop end previously pulled through.

Here at Rhino USA, we're proud to be a family owned and operated business located in Temecula, California.  However, we're not just "any" small family business, we are a Father and 2 Sons who are avid motorcycle and powersports enthusiasts.  We designed and thoroughly field tested all of our products to make sure they are the best! Get your new Rhino Soft Loops now!

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