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Hello there! You're probably reading this because you don't quite know how to use your new Rhino Ratchet Straps, NO PROBLEM! That's why we've put together this simple 3-step guide to help get you started!

Use of Operation Instructions

Ratchet Tie Down Buckle Tightening Instructions
1.  From bottom, thread webbing through slot in center spool of closed ratchet (figures 1 and 2)
2.  Pull webbing through, removing the slack (figure 3)
3.  Start ratcheting—raising and lowering handle (figure 4)

Ratchet Tie Down Buckle Release Instructions
1.  To release, pull & hold release tab on top assembly to override ratcheting function (figure 6)
2.  Open ratchet until it is completely open and flat (figure 7)
3.  Grab webbing from non-fixed side and pull to release webbing (figure 8)
4.  Pull and hold release tab on top assembly to close ratchet (figure 9)

Proper threading/tightening of ratchet straps is critical. Insure all straps are properly threaded/tightened and free of damage or wear prior to each use.

Here at Rhino USA, we're proud to be a family owned and operated business located in Temecula, California.  However, we're not just "any" small family business, we are a Father and 2 Sons who are avid motorcycle and powersports enthusiasts.  We designed and thoroughly field tested all of our products to make sure they are the best! 


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