The Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies in 2021

The Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies in 2021

We are here to talk about the thing that everyone hates talking about when they are thinking about getting a motorcycle or even if they are already motorcycle owners. That’s right, insurance. Insurance is never a fun thing, but is incredibly important for not only you, but also for your beloved bike (or future bike). Motorcycle insurance is generally required, however, the type of insurance coverage and price can potentially have a pretty big range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. While trying to figure out which insurance company and package is the best fit for you, we will try to do our best to save you a partial headache by breaking down some of the best motorcycle insurance companies out there. While insurance can vary greatly personally or geographically, we will break down some of your options. 

1. Progressive Insurance

I’m sure you are familiar with Progressive insurance from their commercials and their famous Flo, but they actually have some pretty decent packages for motorcycles out there. While you hope to never get in a motorcycle accident, unfortunately accidents do happen and if they do you will want a plan with accident forgiveness. If you tend to be prone to motorcycle accidents, then making sure accident forgiveness is something that your insurance company does will be very important. They automatically offer accident forgiveness for certain accidents in most states in their auto insurance policies. Some of their accident forgiveness benefits are: your insurance rate staying the same if your claim is less than or equal to $500 and if you are a customer for at least four years and accident free for three, your rates will not increase if you are at fault in an accident if the claim exceeds $500. Some other benefits to going with Progressive are that they do offer discounts and you are able to get a quote or purchase your policy completely online. However, they can be more expensive than other companies and are not as customizable. 

2. Harley Davidson Insurance

If you are a Harley Davidson fan, then I am sure that you already know that they also offer insurance. If you are a first time bike owner, some of Harley Davidson’s additional programs may be of interest to you as well, such as service plans and various protection plans. Although Harley Davidson insurance is a little more pricey than other insurance companies, you may be able to actually reduce your rate by completing their safety courses. A few benefits to choosing their insurance is that they allow you to submit claims online or via phone, they offer discounts and benefits for Harley Owners Group members, and they offer rental reimbursement coverage and roadside assistance. However, their plans are not available in Hawaii, Washington D.C, or Alaska. 

3. Allstate Insurance

Allstate is a cost-efficient option if you plan on bundling your insurance. You may actually be able to save up to 50%, which is quite a lot for insurance. They also offer new motorcycle replacement coverage and up to $1000 of customizations for your bike. Two major flaws with Allstate are that they do not offer as many discounts as other companies and they do not cover all types of motorcycles. 

4. Dairyland Insurance

Dairyland offers loyalty discounts if you plan on being with them for over a year, they also offer homeowners discounts, rental reimbursement, and they cover passengers as well. They also have SR22 insurance if you have previous driving violations. One major negative with them though is that they are only in 45 states. But, if they happen to be in your state and you are an infrequent motorcycle rider, they even offer coverage for riders that are seasonal. 

5. Markel Insurance

Markel has policies that start as low as $50 (depending on the state), which is great. They also offer accident forgiveness, roadside assistance, trip interruption, flexible deductibles, mechanical breakdown coverage, rental reimbursement, diminishing deductible, up to $30,000 in accessory coverage, and have multiple discounts where you can save up to 35%. They also offer a discount if you have multiple bikes or different types of bikes. 

6. Geico Insurance

Geico actually has some of the cheapest rates for motorcycle insurance, especially in big states like California. Geico also gives discounts if you were with a different insurance company and decide to switch to them, and you can receive the same discount as a loyalty reward as well. Geico also offers roadside emergency service, comprehensive and collision coverage for your helmet and bike accessories, and 24/7 customer service. 

While choosing the company that will be the right fit for you, be sure to shop around and get quotes from various companies because one you may not be really considering might end up surprising you.

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