Rhino USA Sponsors Adrian "WILDMAN" Cenni

Rhino USA Sponsors Adrian

Rhino USA, Inc is excited to announce a landmark sponsorship with Adrian "WILDMAN" Cenni.

Cenni is a veteran of short course racing in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Pro-4 category, and is without a doubt one of the fastest racers on the track. In both the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series (LOORS) and The Off-Road Championship (TORC), Cenni has time and time again proven that he knows how to take home a win.

Not only has Cenni accumulated 17+ victories, but he's also the world record holder for being the very first person to successfully land a 360 barrel roll in a vehicle using a simple takeoff ramp. 

 Adrian Cenni Barrel Roll

This stunt took 4+ years of practice and preparation to perfect. After successfully landing, this marked Cenni as not only Pro-4 driver, but a true thrill-seeking stuntman.

When the team at Cenni Racing published this stunt on YouTube, it quickly garnered over 2.5 million views. Cenni was so taken aback by the global response to his stunt, that he decided to continue building his adventurous dare-devil image with more and more "WILDMAN" stunts.

In September of 2016, Cenni published his second viral video on YouTube. The video gained so much traction and views that YouTube had included it on it's top 5 trending videos page.

In this video, Cenni is seen connected to a helicopter by a long line and ascending over 6,000 feet into the sky. He's then pulled at speeds over 80 mph while capturing the most captivating and surreal camera shots.

"The concept of Snowboarding in the Clouds is something everyone has dreamt about when sitting on an airplane or even just laying down on the ground looking up at the clouds. Carving up clouds 6,000 feet in the sky traveling at 80 mph was merely a dream and we took it and turned it into a reality" Cenni said.

Rhino USA first met Adrian Cenni at The Rockstar Energy Battle South of The Border in Ensenada, Mexico. Surprised to see a bright orange tent being held down by bright orange Rhino tie-down straps, the team at Rhino USA were humbled to hear that he had been using their tie-down straps for his tent, vehicles and more.

Adrian Cenni Holding Rhino USA Straps

In this photo, Adrian is holding a box of Rhino USA's Heavy Duty 2" Vehicle Tie-Down Straps that he uses to keep his Trophy Truck secure while transporting it to races, as well as his tent being held down by Rhino USA's Heavy Duty 1.6" Ratchet Straps. You can view all of their tie-down straps by clicking here.

This quick meeting in Mexico encouraged a few more meetings at the Rhino HQ where both parties decided to move forward into an official sponsorship of Adrian "WILDMAN" Cenni by Rhino USA, Inc.

Cenni Racing Transport Semi Truck

You can follow Adrian Cenni on his Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and website at the below links.

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