Recovery Snatch Block FAQ

The Rhino USA snatch block has a maximum break strength of 13.5 tons, and working load limit of over 9,000lbs allowing you to effectively double your pulling power for heavy recovery operations.

Yes, the snatch block is designed to be compatible with both synthetic ropes and steel cables, providing versatility for different recovery scenarios.

Absolutely! The snatch block features a swiveling hook that allows for easy attachment and smooth maneuverability during recoveries, making it convenient to use in various situations.

The snatch block's low-friction design ensures smooth operation and reduces strain on your recovery equipment, minimizing rope or cable wear. This makes the recovery process safer and helps prolong the lifespan of your gear.

The snatch block acts as a simple machine to A) decrease load on the winch and B) increase the amount of weight you can move. In effect, it gives you a 2:1 gear ratio v.s. 1:1 on a straight line pull.