Tow Strap FAQ

This recovery tow strap and a kinetic energy recovery rope perform the same function – recover a stuck vehicle from a ditch, mud, snow, etc. In the simplest terms possible, kinetic energy recovery ropes perform this job better than a tow strap, and are also safer. However, a kinetic energy recovery rope costs anywhere 2-3 times as much as a tow strap. For someone on a budget who plans on recovering light vehicles (ATVs, etc.) this recovery tow strap will do the job just fine. For the truly dedicated off-roading adventurer that’s willing to spend a little more, we recommend one of our kinetic energy recovery ropes instead.

We use a unique poly-silk webbing that is unlike anything else on the market. Typical value brand tow straps are made from 100% nylon, which is weaker and less durable.

No, the break strength depends on the thickness of the strap. The 2” strap has a break strength of 20,024 lbs. The 3” strap has a break strength of 31,518 lbs. The 4” strap has a break strength of 40,320 lbs.

A tow strap. This is NOT meant to be for snatch recoveries that require a running start. We offer kinetic energy recovery ropes as well, and if you’re willing to spend a bit more, these would be the better option.

Yes, about 8%. However, this is NOT meant to be used like a kinetic energy rope with a snatch recovery.

Yes, the bag is included for free.