UTV/4x4 Tool Organizer FAQ

The dimensions of the Rhino USA UTV Tool Organizer Roll Bag are approximately ‎15"L x 13"W x 1"H inches in height when unrolled. It provides ample storage space for your tools, accessories, and small equipment, ensuring that you can carry all your essentials conveniently on your UTV.

Yes, the Rhino USA UTV Tool Roll Bag has a shoulder strap and heavy duty handle for carrying.

The Rhino USA UTV Tool Organizer Roll Bag is made from durable and heavy-duty materials. It is designed to withstand rugged off-road conditions and provide long-lasting performance. The bag is built to resist tears, abrasions, and the elements, ensuring that your tools and gear remain protected and secure during your UTV adventures.

No, the Rhino USA Tool Organizer Roll bag is water-resistant, but it is not waterproof, and we would not recommend submerging in water.

Yes, the Rhino USA UTV Tool Organizer Roll Bag offers multiple pockets and compartments to help you keep your tools organized. The various pockets provide ample space to separate and categorize different types of tools, ensuring efficient organization. This feature allows for easy access to specific tools when needed, reducing the time spent searching for items and improving overall productivity on your UTV adventures.