12 Surprising Uses for Bungee Cords You’ll Get Hooked On

12 Surprising Uses for Bungee Cords You’ll Get Hooked On

Written by Pierce Bryant
January 17, 2023

Life-hacks would not exist if it were not for quality bungee cords, this relatively affordable item can be the surprising hero in many day-to-day tasks. If you have a old set of bungees laying around somewhere, or want to buy a more reliable set, keep reading to explore some of the many surprising uses for bungee cords that you have probably never heard of. It is hard to fit so many “hacks” into one list, so we went ahead and cherrypicked the ones we thought you would enjoy the most.

1. Custom Sports Ball Tower

bungee cord sports ball holder

If you are a sports-oriented family, you might fight this DIY Ball Tower useful. Your garage will never be more organized with this awesome DIY sports ball storage! The hardest part will be teaching the kids to put the balls away when they are done playing in the yard, but once they come around, you will be happy to have spent the time building this.

2. Yoga/Gym Mat Carrier

yoga or gym mat strap carrier

Keep your yoga or gym mat securely rolled with this neat “hack”. It may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at the amount of people who have not heard of this trick. Some mats come with straps included, but if yours did not or you have lost the original strap let your bungees save the day!

3. Hanging Paper Towel Holder

hanging paper towel holder

Although this will not look very aesthetically pleasing for your kitchen (to each their own), it will work wonders in your laundry room! Hang a bungee from the wire shelving above your washer, dryer, or sink, and you will always have a place to grab paper towels when you need them the most.

4. Secure Your Garbage Cans

secure garbage can lid

Face it, we have all dealt with a tipped over garbage can in the yard. It is one of the most annoying situations to find yourself in, and the resulting mess can be a nightmare to clean up! With this neat trick you will never find yourself in that situation again, no matter the wind speeds.

5. Custom Cable/Cord Wraps

custom cable clips bungee cords

Hate when your cables get messy? This quick trick will ensure it never happens again, simply roll your cord or cable up like you normally would and use a small bungee to secure it together. You can take this a step further and combine a bungee with corkscrew for the perfect custom cable ties.

6. Helpful Trash Bag Securer

trash bag secure bungee cords

 A second trash related trick to make our list. A very annoying problem can arise when your trash bag slips into the can, prevent that issue from ever happening again with a bungee cord. Simply set your trash bag into place and wrap a bungee around the rim of the trash can.

7. Outdoor Movie Screen

outdoor movie screen diy bungee cords

This one is awesome, and it is extremely easy to build! Simply combine smaller ball bungees, a PVC frame, and a white sheet to build an outdoor theater the whole family can enjoy. Bonus points if you set it up near a campfire for some warmth, smores, and an excellent movie night!

8. Securing a Tablecloth

secure a table cloth with bungee cords with hooks

A nice breeze on a warm day is blissful, but it will quickly become a nuisance when eating outdoors. If the winds are high, attach some grommets to your tablecloth and secure it from under the table with some hook-end bungee cords, eliminating stress for you and the family.

9. Support Your Christmas Tree

christmas tree secured with bungees

This one probably reminds you a little of Christmas Vacation, right? Well, it works! If you have a wobbly tree that you are not sure will stand the test of time, simply secure it to your wall with some bungees for added support! Problem solved, no more risk of the tree tipping over. This is especially helpful if you have a cat or kitten that likes to climb up and into the tree, or in this woman’s case, a raccoon!

10. Secure Items on Garage Shelves

diy shelves with bungee cords

Lots of us store an overload of items on our garage shelves, why not secure them down with some quality bungees? This is especially helpful if the shelves are narrow and your items tend to fall. It is unlikely that we will need to explain how to do this, just refer to the above image for an example.

11. COVID-19 Proof Water Dispenser

safe outdoor gathering water dispenser

Although we completely advise against large family gatherings (big brother made us say that), if you are going to do it anyways, you may find this neat trick useful. Simply attach a paper towel holder to your outdoor water dispenser using bungee cords, and you can make sure everyone has clean hands before touching it. We trust you are smart and careful with your family’s health, be safe out there!

12. Hold Your Groceries Upright While Driving

secure groceries in car with bungee cords

This one is extremely useful! If you are going to be transporting fragile cargo like eggs, glass bottles, etc. you can use a bungee cord to secure them upright for the drive ahead. A lesser-known hack to keep those items from rolling around the back of your vehicle, or worse, breaking.

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