5 Reasons NOT To Try Rhino USA

5 Reasons NOT To Try Rhino USA

Written by Thomas Nielsen
May 4, 2023

You are looking for tie-downs and recovery gear for your vehicle, but you can't find the best fit. There are so many brands in the market that choosing one out of the many can be confusing. Should you go with off-the-shelf products or trust a well-known brand? 

Do not worry! We will try to ease your confusion by telling you why you should not try Rhino USA

Reason 1: You love overpaying for Tie-Downs and Recovery Gear

Most people associate paying a higher price with quality, but that is not always the case. You can often find expensive tie-down kits on the market that lack strength and flexibility. But since they are made by popular commercial brands, off-road enthusiasts tend to spend a fortune on these products. Later on, when the tie-down ratchet straps break or snap, you feel betrayed. 

You wouldn’t feel that way if you go with the ratchet strap kits from Rhino USA. We have the best collection in terms of quality, strength, and performance.

The cherry on top? Extremely affordable prices! You buy them once and use the ratchet straps for a lifetime! We don’t think anyone else can give you a better offer. 

But you love overpaying for tie-down straps. Who can blame you?  

Reason 2: You don’t like working with a small family-owned business

Do you know why family-owned businesses excel at making the best products? It's because they put their heart and soul into the production process. The care and attention they put into making top-notch items are unparalleled. But you don't like working with small family-owned businesses, and instead, you prefer buying products from your local retail corporation for your UTV, truck, or 4x4. 

There is nothing wrong with supporting big businesses, per se. But you have to pay more attention to where you are losing out. Imagine the personalized customer care and one-on-one dealing you will be losing out on. It is almost criminal losing out on such an opportunity. 

Reason 3: You like buying cheap non-branded gear that breaks after one use

ripped ratchet strap

Another reason why you don’t want to try Rhino USA is that you have developed a knack for buying cheap un-branded gear from the Walmart automotive section. Instead of putting your mind at ease and buying top of the line off road recovery gear, you waste your efforts and settle down with average. 

What you want in your life is good value for your money, and that is only available to you when you opt for Rhino products. I mean, look at the name. The word ‘Rhino’ is sufficient enough to tell you all about the product’s durability and quality. The Jeep recovery gear you get from Rhino USA is the stuff of dreams. 

No other branded or un-branded off-road recovery gear can come close to the strength, durability, and flexibility that a Rhino tie-down can achieve. A one-time experiment should be enough to keep you wanting more.  

Reason 4: You enjoy buying twice because the company doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty

The problem with tie-down equipment and recovery gear available on most websites today is that they are not backed up by a credible warranty. Sure, you buy the product once and love it, but it breaks soon after, and you have no choice but to buy another. 

You keep repeating that cycle and trying various products, but nothing seems to stick for too long and it'll start to cost you. Even if the company offers you a warranty, it is good for nothing because they bail on you at the last moment. 

Perhaps, you like spending money over and over again, which is why you keep buying the same unreliable off road recovery gear. 

If only you could find a local brand that stays true to its word. One that offers a lifetime warranty for its products and promises to replace the item in case of failure. 

Avoid the risk of bad quality and protect yourself with the lifetime warranty offered by Rhino USA. Haven’t heard of us yet? Well, you will soon be hearing a lot about us because we deliver on our promises. 

Reason 5: You like dealing with customer service overseas or a 1(800) # that doesn’t ring

You decide to buy a tie-down kit from an XYZ company because you have heard several people talk in favor of it online. You place an order, and the product arrives at your doorstep. That’s great, right?! 

We think so too! But now you have to look at the flip side. When the tie-down strap snaps and you call the local 1(800) number for claims services nobody picks up. Perhaps, they are busy? Maybe the number doesn’t exist? The possibilities are endless! 

The end result is you wasting your energy and time trying to look for a solution. 

What's the point in dealing with such companies when they can't even provide you with assistance? 

We can tell you the real reason why others lack in providing exemplary customer service. It is because they don’t trust their product. They don’t want to hear a customer screaming from the other end of the phone line, complaining about the quality and effectiveness of their off road recovery gear

But that is never a problem with Rhino USA, and that is simply because we know our products inside out. We trust they will work, and we believe that you will never have to call us looking for assistance. On the off chance, you do need our assistance, our phone lines are always open, and a customer service representative is always ready to help you with anything. 


We hope that by now you are convinced why you shouldn’t try Rhino USA even once. After all, why trust a specialized family-owned business that looks out for you and provides the highest quality off road recovery gear? You should definitely stay away from durability! For additional information about Rhino USA visit our page. 

rhino usa tow strapFAQ's

What kind of products does Rhino USA offer?

Rhino USA offers a wide range of high-quality automotive accessories and gear, including winches, recovery straps, tie-down straps, vehicle transport accessories, and more. All of our products are designed and built to meet the highest standards of quality and durability, so you can trust that they will perform when you need them most.

Where can I purchase Rhino USA products?

Rhino USA products are available for purchase directly from our website, RhinoUSAinc.com, as well as through a number of authorized dealers and retailers. To find a dealer or retailer near you, visit our website and navigate to the "Find a dealer" tool. Don't forget, all of our product are backed by a lifetime warranty!