The Scoop: Electra Glide VS Street Glide

The Scoop: Electra Glide VS Street Glide

Written by Pierce Bryant
November 9, 2022

When you imagine the freedom of an open highway, sooner or later a Harley-Davidson motorcycle will come to mind. Nothing quite screams adventure and exploration more than the rumble of a Harley. Two of the most popular models of this classic motorcycle brand are the Electra Glide and Street Glide.

Below, we break down the key differences, similarities, and features of these two rides. Continue reading to find out more!

2018 Harley Davidson Electra Glide
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Electra Glide.

The Electra Glide is a two-up long-haul bike that is perfectly designed for touring. It has that classic Harley-Davidson look and a comfortable design that is focused on lengthy rides.

It has a Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-twin engine that is powerful and has that deep Harley rumble that we’ve all come to know and love. This motorcycle has a superior throttle response and suspension performance. Its quality and efficiency are unparalleled in the industry.

This Harley is made for thrilling adventures and long days of gliding. The electronically linked brakes provide the perfect amount of pressure, no matter what road you’re traveling on. On top of this, the Electra also has the Two-UP Seat that provides back support for two riders. Its passenger seat even features armrests! It’s the kind of comfort that you will grow to love the more you travel with it.

The Electra Glider was released in 1965 and has been the backbone of the touring community. It’s the bike that can take you cross-country and back with power and uncompromising comfort. This is the Harley-Davidson for serious cruisers and riders who like to travel in style. It will set you back $31,000 and it also has customizable extras.

2018 Harley Davidson Street Glide
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Street Glide.

The Street Glide is a streamlined and no-nonsense edition of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It still has that classic Harley-Davidson look with a stripped down edge. One of the convenient features of the Street Glide is the premium BOOM! Box 6.5 Infotainment systems. This means that you can get a hands-free phone, navigation, and entertainment media without lifting a finger.

The Street Glide also has the stripped-down hot rod bagger that is an original Harley-Davidson feature. The Batwing fairing also adds to the iconic and sleek design of the model. Just like the Electra, the Street Glide has a Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin Engine. Both bikes offer that that powerful yet smooth ride that Harley-Davidson is famous for. 

A Street Glide will set you back $21,289. One of the reasons that there is such a big price difference between these two models is the design. The Electra Glide is a simple and stripped down motorcycle. It was created as a base to be customized and built upon. This is great for first-time buyers who want to personalize their motorcycle as they discover more about the community. This blank canvas is also an enthusiast’s dream; a bare Harley-Davidson where they can create something unique and powerful.

The difference.

The Street Glide is a versatile machine. It can easily zoom through the city streets as you drop into your favorite coffee shop or bar. However, it also performs beautifully for long trips on rough roads. Its streamlined and smooth design is built for cruising in style. It bridges two worlds: a street-smart ride and a highway cruise. If you’re looking for something flexible and bare, this is the best option.

On the other hand, the Electra Glide is built for luxurious and elegant travel. It’s comfortable and powerful, the perfect combination for long and leisurely rides on the open road.


At the end of the day, choosing between the Street Glide and the Electra Glide comes down to lifestyle and budget. The Electra Glide is more expensive, yet there are definite perks to that more defined build. The Street Glide is stylish and convenient and is a great starter bike to get your hands on.

There are many forums and blogs available online that focus on peoples experiences and opinions of different Harley models. Other Harley-Davidson fans are the best resource for getting accurate and up-to-date information. It could anything regarding style, features, and expenses.

List of recommended Harley Forums and Blogs: 

Make sure you immerse yourself in this online community to get as much information as possible before diving in with both feet. On top of this, the Harley-Davidson staff is also a wealth of knowledge and information. Make sure you’re well informed with the pros and cons of both motorcycles before making your purchase.

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