U-Haul brings Rhino USA to Stores Nationwide

U-Haul brings Rhino USA to Stores Nationwide

Written by Ted Repic
August 19, 2019

U-Haul is introducing Rhino USA products to 175+ retail stores nationwide.

With U-Haul being the moving equipment and storage rental leader in America, and Rhino USA being one of the top tie-down strap providers, this partnership was bound to happen eventually. The team at Rhino is ecstatic to announce this groundbreaking decision between the two American born companies.

This is Rhino USA's first dip into the world of retail. The small family business was launched online in 2015, and has seen exponential online growth since.

As most of you already know, Rhino USA products are mostly sold online. This partnership allows our customers to walk in and get a feel for the quality of our products in-store at a U-Haul location near them. - Ted Repic, President of Rhino USA, Inc

When it comes to buying high quality Tie-Down Straps, viewing a picture online is sometimes just not enough. This is why retail has been on Rhino USA's mind for quite sometime now. Allowing customers to walk inside and see the quality for themselves is a major separator between an online company hiding behind a computer screen VS. an American company that stands behind their high quality, and carefully engineered products.

Find a U-Haul carrying Rhino USA products near you by clicking here.