1" x 12' Lashing Tie-Down Straps



1" x 15' Ratchet Tie-Down Set (4-Pack) Rhino USA, Inc.
1" x 12' Lashing Tie-Down Straps Tie-Down Straps Rhino USA, Inc.

1" x 12' Lashing Tie-Down Straps



440 LBS


1320 LBS


Designed with durability and strength in mind, the Rhino USA Lashing Straps provide the ultimate peace of mind when transporting your valuable goods. With their heavy-duty construction and reinforced stitching, they can withstand even the toughest conditions. The adjustable length and easy-to-use buckles ensure a secure and tight fit for various-sized loads. Whether you're moving furniture, hauling equipment, or securing outdoor gear, Rhino USA Lashing Tie Down Straps are the trusted choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Keep your cargo secure and your mind at ease with Rhino USA.

Heavy-Duty and Durable

Rhino USA lashing tie down straps are built to last. Crafted with high-quality materials, these straps are designed to withstand heavy loads and endure the rigors of transportation. They are resistant to abrasion, UV rays, and weather conditions, ensuring their long-lasting performance. The ultimate lashing straps are made with zinc alloy buckles in silicone housing with integrated hook and loop fasteners.

Secure and Reliable

These tie-down straps provide a secure and reliable way to fasten your cargo. The heavy-duty buckles and reinforced stitching offer enhanced strength and durability, ensuring that your load remains firmly secured during transit. The straps have a high load capacity, allowing you to transport heavy items with confidence. With an unbeatable 1,320 lbs maximum breaking strength, they are designed for peace of mind knowing your kayak, cooler or cargo is secure during transport.

Easy-to-Use and Versatile

These tie-down straps are designed with user-friendliness in mind. The quick-release buckles allow for easy and efficient tightening and releasing of the straps. Additionally, they can be used in a wide range of applications, including securing coolers, bicycles, kayaks, furniture, and more. The versatility of these straps makes them a valuable addition to any toolkit or vehicle.

Heavy-Duty Storage Bag Included

Staying organized in a truck that’s fully stocked with tie-downs and other accessories can be a challenge. That’s why our lashing straps come with a convenient, high-quality storage bag. This keeps you organized and ensures you will always be able to locate your gear when you need it.


What is the load capacity of these straps?

The Rhino USA lashing tie down straps have a high load capacity, with maximum break strength ratings of 1,320 pounds per strap, making them suitable for securing heavy cargo.

What can these straps be used to transport or tie down?

These straps are designed to tie down light, medium and heavy loads such as coolers, kayaks, bicycles, and much more.

Are the straps durable and long-lasting?

Yes, these straps are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. The rust-proof zinc alloy buckles means they are designed to withstand the elements and endure the rigors of transportation.

Can these straps be adjusted to different lengths?

Yes, the Rhino USA lashing tie down straps are adjustable, allowing you to customize the length to suit the size of your cargo and ensure a secure fit.


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