12 Coolest Jeep Wrangler Upgrades & Accessories

12 Coolest Jeep Wrangler Upgrades & Accessories

Written by Ray Repic
December 12, 2022

Whether it's your first Jeep, second, or third. Understanding what mods to buy could be crucial to making sure nothing stands in your way of your next grand adventure. There are hundreds (450+ to be exact) of dedicated off-road trails in America, just waiting for you to get out there! However, making sure that you are fitted with some cool Jeep Wrangler mods is a fool-proof method to stand out, turn heads and look unique amongst your off-roading peers.

Best Jeep Wrangler Accessories and Upgrades

When it comes to the world of off-roading, few vehicles command as much respect and admiration as the iconic Jeep Wrangler. With its rugged design and unbeatable off-road capabilities, the Wrangler is a true legend in the realm of adventure on four wheels. But what makes this legendary vehicle even more exciting for enthusiasts are the countless accessories and modifications available to customize it.

From lighting solutions and recovery gear, to winches and roof racks we've, scoured the market to find the must-have accessories that Jeep Wrangler owners swear by. Join us on this adventure as we explore the exciting world of Jeep customization and discover the gear that will make your Wrangler truly your own.

The amount of modifications you can add to your Wrangler is mind-blowing. So, to keep it quick and easy, we have hand-picked a list of 12 really cool things to do to a Jeep Wrangler, and trust us, we know a thing or two about Jeep Wranglers and off-roading...

1. LED Lights / Light Bars

LED Light Bar Kit

This is definitely a must-have for any Jeep! A powerful light bar will help you blaze through any trail at night. Combined with some LED's, you will have a very powerful lighting system.

Get your LED Lightbar Kit here... (fits most Jeep Wrangler models)

2. Floor Liners

Jeep Floor Liners

These are an essential piece to the puzzle, don't let yourself or your friends track mud and dirt into your expensive Jeep! Invest in some quality Floor Liners, it makes keeping your interior clean a breeze and they make plenty of different shapes and sizes available to protect all parts of your rig.

Find them here...

3. Recovery Gear

Jeep Recovery Gear

We've all been there. You've planned an AWESOME trip to your favorite trail with a few of your Off-Road buddies, everything is on time and you're all having a blast, when suddenly a Jeep gets stuck... Parties over, now we're all scratching our head wondering how we can get the Jeep unstuck!

Instead of letting this stress you out, invest in some heavy duty Recovery Gear. Specifically, some Rhino Recovery Gear. (yes, we ain't afraid to brag!) Our recovery gear ranges from kinetic recovery ropes and recovery tow straps, to traction boards and survival shovels - all of the essentials that you need for off-roading can be found at Rhino USA

Check out our Recovery Gear now...

4. Grab Handles

Grab handles

Your passengers will thank you for this! Grab Handles are exactly what the name states, when you're making a sharp turn in your Jeep these are what your passengers can grab onto. Plus, they're extremely affordable and add that extra expert flare to your Jeep. They are easily attachable to your roll bar and they last a lifetime!

Grab yourself a set here... 

5. Fender Flares

Jeep Fender Flares

Adding some Wide Fender Flares will protect your Jeep from all that mud caused by your tires spinning. Sometimes the trails are muddy, and these bad boys will definitely shield you from the worst conditions. Almost forgot, these also prevent paint chips from all of the debris flying up towards your vehicle! A great investment and a great style choice!

Check out the options here...

6. Rock Rails

Jeep Rock Rails Guards

The great outdoors aren't made for Jeeps, that's why you must make your Jeep for the great outdoors! Sharp rocks will damage the exterior of your Jeep, put some Rock Rails on the sides of your vehicle so that the rocks hit the rails before touching your paint job. ARB sells some pretty awesome "Rock Sliders" that do the job perfectly.

Check them out here...

7. Seat Covers

Jeep Seat Covers

Whether your seats are new or used, they need to be protected. If you're like me, you'll be removing your roof every once in a while. Well, Jeep seats just weren't designed to maintain quality when exposed to elements like rain, wind, and sun. That's why we're putting seat covers on this list, we think these make a great long-term investment for any Jeep owner.

Get a color to match your paint here...

8. Lift Kits

Jeep Lift Kits

Wait, we titled this article "Coolest" but listed Lift Kits as #8?! Everybody knows that a lift kit will indeed make your Jeep look cooler. But aside from that, they actually play a very important role in your off-roading adventure! Giving your Jeep that extra height will drastically help you drive over rocks, boulders, and any natural terrain that gets in your way.

ExtremeTerrain carries all types of lift kits...

9. Roof Rack

Jeep Roof Rack

Installing a high quality roof rack has numerous benefits. We prefer using it to transport our cooler, toolbox, and recovery gear. However, these usually have a 300lbs weight limit so you can expect to transport anything you want within reason.

Although expensive, KC Hilites carries a rad Roof Rack...

10. Winches

Jeep Winches

When it comes to winching, WARN is the leader. Installing a winch on your Jeep can seriously come in handy when you find yourself in a pickle! Order one of WARN's heavy duty winching systems today and forget about ever finding yourself stuck in the mud again.

Shop WARN's winching systems here...

11. Entry Guards

Jeep Entry Guards

Kind of funny right? These may not be the coolest jeep accessory, but they are incredibly useful when it comes to shielding your paint against minor scuffs and scratches. Think about it, your transfer case and gas tank have better protection than your door frames... Pick up these affordable entry guards today and protect your lower door area.

Find them here...

12. Soft Tops

Jeep Soft Tops

This will be one of your hardest questions, should you go with a soft top or not? Keep in mind that soft tops are a part of Jeep history, these allow you to simply unzip the window or pull the top down entirely. However, hard tops also have their benefits! Providing more security, hard tops are much more durable and a little more on the quiet side.

Weighing the benefits of a Soft Top VS Hard Top will have to be a separate article, but we'll go ahead and link a good soft top anyway.

Get a high quality soft top here... 


Tricking your Jeep out will make it look better, drive better, and above all else make driving it a lot more fun! It's probably best to start small and add a few modifications at a time as these mods can get a little pricey. (We know your wife won't be too happy about that!). All jokes aside, Jeeps are AWESOME and we're excited to have helped you on your adventure! 

We hope this article was helpful and informative. If you haven't heard of Rhino USA before, be sure to check out our line of Heavy Duty Recovery Gear, Tie-Down Straps, and Tire Gauges. All of our products come with a Lifetime Warranty to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.

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How much does a Jeep Wrangler weigh?

Most Jeep Wrangler's weigh between 4000-5000 pounds depending the on the model. The Jeep Wrangler sport weighs just shy of 4000lbs whereas the new electric Jeep Wrangler 4xe can weigh upwards of 5,200 lbs.

How much can a Jeep Wrangler tow?

Jeep Wranglers can tow between 2,000lbs and 3,500lbs. Most 4-door Jeep Wranglers have a tow capacity of 3,500lbs whereas the 2-door Wranglers can tow updwards of 2,000lbs.