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Q – What are The Soft Loop Straps Made out of?
 A – Our Straps are Made From an Exclusive Poly/Silk Webbing That will Not Stretch, Fade Scratch, Fray or Break!   Our ratchets are anodized and rust proof while our S-hooks are PVC coated Chromoly Steel.
  Q – What is the MAX Break Strength of Your Tow Straps?
 A – The Break Strength of Our Rhino Recovery/Tow Strap is Lab Tested and Certified at 31,518lbs. Easily the Strongest on the Market and we Provide the Proof!
Q - What is the Length and Width of Your Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie Downs?
- Our Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie-Down Kit Comes With (2) 1.65" x 8' Rhino Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps, and (2) 1.65" x 17" Rhino Soft Loop Straps.
 Q – How do I Activate the Lifetime Warranty on my Products?
 A – In Order to Take Advantage of Your Lifetime Warranty, you MUST Register Your Product, Which Takes About 20 Seconds. Simply Follow the Instructions on the Insert
Provided Inside Every Packaging.
 Q – If I Need Help or Support How Can I Contact Rhino USA?
 A – We are Here for you! You Can Contact us by Phone at (800) 575-7310, by email or Even Through our Facebook Page!

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