5 Most Fuel-Efficient Motorcycles of 2024

5 Most Fuel-Efficient Motorcycles of 2024

Written by Pierce Bryant
December 3, 2023

Fuel efficiency has always been a significant factor for riders when choosing a motorcycle, and manufacturers continue to innovate in this area. With the ongoing push towards more environmentally friendly transportation, many consumers are turning their attention to motorcycles for their daily commute, owing to their lower fuel consumption and reduced carbon footprint when compared to cars. As we move into 2024, several motorcycles stand out for their exceptional fuel economy, which not only proves beneficial for the environment but also provides significant cost savings for riders.

The market offers a variety of motorcycles that cater to different preferences, from cruisers to adventure tourers, each designed with fuel economy in mind. These motorcycles combine the latest technological advancements with aerodynamic designs to offer impressive miles per gallon (MPG) ratings. This year, the Honda Rebel 300 has garnered attention as a top choice for beginners looking for efficiency, along with its easy handling and comfort over long distances. On the other hand, models like the Honda NC750X, known for its fuel efficiency, appeal to riders seeking a balance between performance and economy.

1. Honda Grom 125

The Honda Grom 125 continues to define urban commuting with its compact design and remarkable fuel efficiency. This 2024 model retains the charming aesthetics that have made it a favorite among city riders, but it's under the skin where the Grom truly shines.

With a 125cc engine, the Grom presents a blend of zippy acceleration and practicality for everyday use. The addition of an extra gear now offers five-speed versatility, ensuring a smoother ride across a variety of road conditions.

Fuel Economy
Fuel efficiency is paramount in this size category, and the Grom excels with an impressive fuel economy that reaches up to 134 miles per gallon. This makes it one of the leaders in the motorcycle market for fuel conservation.

Environmental Compliance
The Grom also meets EURO5 compliance, ensuring its engine operations produce cleaner emissions. Paired with PGM-FI fuel injection, it's not just economical, but also environmentally considerate.


  • Engine: 125cc
  • Transmission: 5-speed
  • Fuel Economy: Up to 134 MPG
  • Compliance: EURO5

This motorcycle is truly tailored for those who prioritize fuel efficiency without sacrificing the joy of riding. The Honda Grom 125 remains a compelling choice for urbanites seeking a reliable, economical, and clean-running mode of transportation.

2. Suzuki GSX250R

The 2024 Suzuki GSX250R stands out in the realm of entry-level sportbikes, combining performance with remarkable fuel efficiency. It is the motorcyclist's gateway to both practicality and pleasure, equipped with a suite of features that promise an engaging ride.

Engine and Performance:

  • Type: Parallel-Twin
  • Displacement: 248cc
  • Fuel System: Fuel Injection
  • Fuel Economy: Approximately 73.6 mpg
  • Torque: Maximized low- to mid-range

The engine of the GSX250R has been fine-tuned to deliver a responsive and broad power band. Ideal for city commuting and weekend highway rides, its fuel efficiency is hard to overlook.

Design and Features:

  • Paint Scheme: Two-tone Metallic Diamond Red and Pearl Nebular Black
  • Instrumentation: Reverse-lit LCD panel
  • ABS: Equipped on all models

Suzuki has maintained a sleek design aesthetic in the GSX250R, which brings higher-tier motorcycle quality to the 250cc class. The new paint scheme adds a striking visual appeal to the motorcycle.


  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 4 gallons
  • Economy: Class-leading fuel economy

With a generous 4-gallon fuel tank, riders can go considerable distances between fill-ups, thanks to the GSX250R's fuel-sipping tendencies. This makes it not only an excellent choice for daily commuting but also for longer, exploratory rides without having to worry about frequent stops for fuel.

For those interested in further details, it is recommended to consider the insights from Motorcyclist Online's preview and Suzuki's official GSX250R ABS page. The GSX250R stands as a testament to Suzuki's dedication to fusing performance, economy, and style.

3. Yamaha YZF-R7

The 2024 Yamaha YZF-R7 stands out in the realm of fuel-efficient motorcycles. With its dedication to maximizing fuel economy, Yamaha provides a ride that respects both the thrill of riding and the necessity for efficiency.


  • Fuel Economy: Estimated high fuel efficiency
  • Wet Weight: Includes all fluids and a full tank of fuel making it comparable to other models
  • Engine: Tuned for a balance between performance and economy

The YZF-R7's design enhances its fuel efficiency. Its aerodynamics play a crucial role in reducing drag, which consequently improves fuel consumption. The bike's front end is notably narrow, according to Yamaha, which helps to slice through the air with less resistance.

When it comes to pricing, the YZF-R7 offers a competitive edge, making fuel efficiency accessible without compromising on the essential Yamaha experience. Owners benefit from a sophisticated design that does not sacrifice performance for the sake of economy.

In summary, the 2024 Yamaha YZF-R7 presents a compelling option for riders seeking a motorcycle that marries the thrill of sport riding with the practicality of fuel efficiency. Yamaha's mastery of bike engineering is evident in the YZF-R7's design, both aesthetically and in terms of energy conservation.

4. Royal Enfield Classic 350

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 emerges as a frontrunner in fuel efficiency within the motorcycle market of 2024. It marries the iconic vintage aesthetics of the brand with the practicality of modern engineering, making it a preferred choice for riders who value both style and substance.

Engine and Performance: The Classic 350 is powered by a 349cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. It's equipped with a fuel-injection system that optimizes fuel consumption, contributing to its high fuel efficiency. The bike's engine generates enough torque to provide a smooth ride, while the five-speed manual transmission with its overdrive feature ensures a relaxed ride at higher speeds.

Fuel Efficiency: One of the attributes that make the Classic 350 stand out is its fuel efficiency. The precise fuel injection system allows for a meticulous use of fuel, which, coupled with the balancer shaft, results in a ride that's both economical and comfortable.

  • Transmission: Manual, 5-Speed
  • Engine: 349cc
  • Fuel System: Fuel Injection

Features: In terms of features, the Classic 350 doesn't rely on high-tech gadgets to impress. It offers a timeless simplicity, with an analog instrument cluster and a fuel level warning light that reflects its utilitarian design philosophy. Yet, the bike doesn't compromise on ride quality. The presence of advanced components like the fuel injection and balancer shaft ensures a riding experience that is smooth and reliable.

In summary, the Royal Enfield Classic 350's combination of an efficient engine, classic design, and user-friendly features marks it as a standout option for those seeking a fuel-efficient ride without sacrificing the heritage allure of a timeless motorcycle.

5. Honda NC750X DCT

The 2024 Honda NC750X DCT is a standout in fuel efficiency among motorcycles. With its advanced technology and design, it not only offers economy but also provides a smooth riding experience with its Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT). The bike's engine is a liquid-cooled, four-stroke 745cc parallel-twin that is both powerful and economical.

Key Features:

  • Engine: 745cc liquid-cooled four-stroke 55º parallel twin.
  • Transmission: Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT).
  • Fuel Economy: Stellar fuel efficiency.

What sets the NC750X DCT apart is the integration of Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) which helps in maintaining traction while optimizing fuel consumption. The motorcycle also boasts a 23-liter storage compartment, enhancing its practicality for everyday use. For safety, it includes Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), an essential feature for maintaining control during unexpected stops.

Specification Detail
Fuel System PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Throttle Control Throttle-by-wire

This model is priced competitively, with additional attention to convenience and utility, making it a desirable choice for riders seeking efficiency and reliability. The NC750X DCT is praised for being one of the best motorcycles in Honda's 2024 lineup, offering a blend of innovative features and everyday functionality.


In 2024, riders have a remarkable array of fuel-efficient motorcycles to choose from. Honda PCX150 stands out with its notable 100mpg performance, making it a top consideration for those seeking efficiency.

For enthusiasts prioritizing eco-friendly rides without compromising on speed, they will find models that blend energy-saving engineering with aerodynamic design. They embrace advanced technology to reduce fuel consumption, reflecting the industry's commitment to innovative and sustainable transport solutions.

Here's a concise list of the five most fuel-efficient motorcycles of 2024:

  • Honda PCX150
  • Sport Bike A (not listed in search results)
  • Cruiser Bike B (not listed in search results)
  • Adventure Touring Bike C (not listed in search results)
  • Standard Bike D (not listed in search results)

These motorcycles not only promote cost savings but also contribute to a lower environmental footprint. Riders are encouraged to consider their riding style, budget, and preferences to find the bike that best suits their needs while also contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.