7 Best Harley Davidson Seats for Tall Riders

7 Best Harley Davidson Seats for Tall Riders

Written by Pierce Bryant
November 17, 2022

Being tall has many advantages and disadvantages in life, and unfortunately one of the disadvantages is that your Harley Davidson seat may not be the most ideal or comfortable for you. With that being said, finding a seat that not only accommodates your height, but is also practical and comfortable is probably one of your top priorities if you happen to be someone who loves to ride.

Enhanced Comfort for Tall Riders: Finding the Perfect Fit

Tall riders often struggle with uncomfortable motorcycle seats that don't provide the necessary support during long rides. The key to an enjoyable ride lies in a seat that offers optimal comfort and proper alignment. In this section, we'll delve into the factors to consider when choosing the best motorcycle seat for tall riders. From seat height and padding to ergonomic design, we'll guide you in selecting a Harley Davidson motorcycle seat that perfectly suits your stature, allowing you to hit the open road with confidence and comfort.

Finding the right seat for your body type is an incredibly important factor for your bike. Having a seat that is the incorrect height can lead to you being too far away from the ground, or too close to the ground, which is not great for your safety or riding experience. Along with this, having a seat that is just not the right shape or size can lead to a lot of weird adjustments that you may have to make to attempt to ride comfortably. This is obviously not ideal, and is not great for your body long term and probably does not make riding very enjoyable altogether.

When you pick out your seat, you should consider many factors, some of which are overall comfort, size, price, and even style. Although these seem like a lot of factors to consider, and can be overwhelming when you are trying to find the perfect fit for your type of bike, it will definitely be worth it to you long term. But, if you are still overwhelmed or just not sure where to start, we have some top picks that will hopefully help you in your hunt for your perfect seat.

Le Pera Maverick Daddy Long Legs Seat with Backrest

If you are in the market for an all around great seat, then this may be your perfect fit. This extremely comfortable seat not only provides additional room for the rider, but for the passenger as well. The backrest of this seat makes it a great choice for long or touring rides due to the additional comfort and support that it offers, and not to mention it looks great as well.

Le Pera Maverick Stitch Daddy Long Legs

If you are looking for a seat that is not only comfortable for you, but for a passenger as well, then look no further. Not only does Le Pera make some great looking seats, but they are also comfortable as well. This is a great option for taller riders due to the additional leg room and the narrow seat, which helps accommodate for extra leg room and comfort as well. This seat is fairly deep for both the rider and the passenger and it is compatible with a large variety of bikes. However, if you are someone who will be riding for long periods of time or touring, this may not be as comfortable as a touring seat or the seat above would be on your long journeys.

Le Pera Silhouette Solo Seat

If you happen to be a Le Pera seat fan, but are not a fan of passenger seats, then this may be what you are looking for. This is a solo seat that surprisingly offers a lot of back support to the rider. It has a unique design that not only looks incredible, but also offers an extreme amount of comfort and compatibility with many bikes.

New Hammock Rider and Passenger Seat

This is a great option if you are looking for a more affordable passenger seat. This seat does fairly well for tall riders, however, if you are taller than 6’4, you may want to consider going a different route. This seat is comfortable and is compatible with many bikes, but one downside to some people is that it is not made with real leather. This may cause it to wear faster and not be as comfortable as other options. But, if you do not find either of these things to be a major issue, then this is a great choice as well.

Mustang Deluxe Touring Seat

This is a good, comfortable seat that has a good amount of room for both the rider and the passenger. It is not only very comfortable, but pretty stylish as well. Many people are major fans of this seat due to the stitching design. It is compatible with quite a few different bikes and does allow pretty good extra space.

Mustang Vintage Touring with Receiver for Harley Davidson

This is a firmer seat, which some people tend to like more than some of the other options. If you are a fan of a firm seat, then this may be something that you would like to consider. It is similar to the seat above, however does not have the stitching detailing. The size of both are pretty similar and both well made options, and this is one of our favorite Harley Davidson touring seats for tall riders.

Durability and Longevity

When it comes to motorcycle seats, durability is paramount. A well-constructed seat not only provides comfort but also ensures a long-lasting investment. In this section, we'll dive into the materials and construction techniques used by reputable Harley Davidson motorcycle seat manufacturers. From high-quality leather and synthetic materials to reinforced stitching and corrosion-resistant hardware, we'll help you understand what to look for in a seat that will stand up to the rigors of the road. Investing in a durable seat means fewer replacements and a more enjoyable riding experience for years to come.

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rhino usa tow strapFAQ's

Where is Harley Davidson made?

Harley Davidson is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, however, they motorcycles are currently being made in one of their four plants in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.

Are stock Harley Davidson seats made of leather?

Many Harley Davidson seats, although they look like leather, are actually made of vinyl. The Harley Davidson's that come with stock leather seats are most often their limited or custom bikes.