7 Best Off-Road RV Trailers

13 Best 4x4 Off-Road Camper Trailers

Written by Pierce Bryant
November 21, 2022
These trailers are ready for off-road use and can accommodate a variety of needs, from a modest amount of additional storage space to the equivalent of an apartment on wheels.

    Camper trailers designed specifically for off-road use are, in a word, wonderful. They are able to provide you with the mobile camping experience that you desire, whether you just need a place to store your gear and a mount for your tent or you want a full-service event that brings along many of the conveniences that you have at home.

    They are equipped to follow your Jeep Gladiator, Toyota 4Runner, or any other overlanding vehicle wherever you want to go because they have all-terrain suspensions and all-terrain tyres. However, navigating your way through the seemingly endless options available in the world of off-road travel trailers can be a bit challenging. Because of this, we have compiled this list of the best trailers for living in once you have taken a right turn off the paved road.

    EOS-12 Boreas Campers - Best Off-Road Camper Overall

    The camper trailers made by Boreas for off-road use are made in Denver, Colorado. The $74,990 EOS-12 Hybrid, which used to be called the XT-12, looks and feels dangerous thanks to its 20-inch ground clearance and auto-levelling Cruisemaster XT air suspension. It has a wet bath with a cassette toilet and shower, a Trauma fridge/freezer, a permanent queen mattress, a 270-degree awning, and more. It can hold up to 40 gallons of fresh water and 25 gallons ofgrayy water. The trailer was made without any wood, and a pop-up roof gives 6.5 feet of space to stand. There are also a lot of add-ons, like extra Lithium batteries to go with the 200aH unit that comes with it.

    Length: 19' | Weight: 3700lbs


    • Holds a lot of water
    • permanent queen bed
    • Has everything you could want 


    • Lots of pricey add ons

    Opus OP 15 Hybrid - Best Off-Road Camper for Family Trips


    Luxury is no stranger to the Opus OP 15 Hybrid with its beautiful high quality bamboo interior. This trailer can sleep four people and has all the comforts of home including a pop up roof and extendable rear to expand your trailer for a more comfortable experience. There is also a fridge, freezer, stainless steel kitchen, chopping board, pantry, king bed, twin bunks, leatherette dining area, bamboo dresser, shower, toilet, heater, AC, hot and cold water, 12V television, LED lights, lots of storage, speaker entertainment system, solar system, and much more. The pictures of this beauty speak for itself and why this is another one of our top picks.

    It has a stainless steel frame that has been galvanized and welded together. It also has a trailing arm suspension with two shock absorbers.

    Length: 15' | Weight: 4960lbs


    • Robust
    • Sleeps four people
    • High quality


    • Quite large for small trips

    Bruder EXP-6 - Best Off-Road Camper for High-Tech


    The Bruder EXP-6 is pretty cool and has some state of the art technology. Once you have arrived, your trailer is able to level out and adjust to suit the terrain that you are in. This also comes with a cabin management system which allows you to fully monitor and control your trailer from your phone or from the interior screen. This trailer also has electronic awnings, courtesy lights, plenty of storage, optional washing machine for clothes, hot and cold shower, two-way kitchen, charging outlets, beds, swivel TV, star gazing window, climate control, table, toilet, sink, water storage, and can fit up to 6 people.

    Length: 22.05' | Weight: 3700lbs


    • Design meets functionality
    • Aerodynamic
    • Fits up to 6 people
    • State of the art suspensions system


    • Expensive

    Black Series HQ19 - Best Off-Road Camper for Luxury

    Here’s a full big boy for when you’re looking for a lot of interior space. The Black Series HQ19 is a modern trailer with a lot of extras. It has room for four people to sleep, plus more. A high-heat burner you can pull out? Check. An electric awning with a remote? Check. An interior kitchen with a microwave and three-burner stove, a separate toilet and shower, and an ergonomic mattress? Check, double-check, and triple-check. And that's only the beginning. If your idea of living in the wild is to have as little comfort as possible, the HQ19 is the place for you.

    Length: 26.3' | Weight: 6122lbs


    • Lots of space
    • interior kitchen
    • Two independent suspension systems
    • Includes HD TV 


    • May be too big for some vehicles

      Conqueror UEV 490 - Best Off-Road Camper for Durability

      This trailer is built to last and is made with aluminium, electro galvanized steel, and all parts are powder coated, there are no fiberglass or wood parts. The interior features a front double bed and rear double bed which is convertible to two single beds or a dining area. There is plenty of storage, interior fans, a media center, camping table, LED lights, fridge, two plate gas burners, dual basin hot and cold wash-up area, cupboard, AC plug, hot and cold water shower, and a 150 liter water tank.

      Length: 16.9' | Weight: 3380lbs


      • Very rugged
      • Lightweight


      • Not the most comfortable

        Off Grid Trailers Pando 2.0 - Best Off-Road Camper for Functionality

        This all metal trailer is perfectly weather resistant and functional, and even has an option for a custom designed wrap. This trailer has interior LED lighting, fan, memory foam mattress, lockable door, 31 Gallon CSA approved fresh water tank, stainless steel countertops, dual burner stove, hot and cold sink, lots of storage, a spice rack, fridge, shower, and may additional add-ons as well. 

        Length: 13.8' | Weight: 2200lbs


        • Rugged and weather resistant
        • Custom wrap
        • Functional


        • Small
        • Not ideal for "glamping" comfort

        TetonX Hybrid - Best Off-Road Camper for Most People

        The TetonX Hybrid may seem small and compact, but it packs a serious punch. This trailer has a hot shower, custom mattress configurations, dinette seating, fridge, sink, stove, pantry, and plenty of storage. 

        Length: 10' | Weight: 2900lbs


        • Compact
        • Functional
        • Custom mattress configurations


        • Not suitable for more than 2 people

        Colorado Camp works NS1 - Best Off-Road Camper for Nomadic Lifestyle

        Overlanding is about getting close to nature, so it seems counterproductive to burn a lot of fuel for power, heat, and food. The Nomadic System One, a new trailer from Colorado Camp works, is the answer to this problem (also known as the NS-1). It's powered by the sun and has up to 11,000 watts of battery storage, but it still has all the comforts and features you'd expect from a good trailer, like badass off-road capability.

        Length: 12.6' | Weight: 1750lbs


        • Solar powered 
        • Perfect for off-grid overlanding
        • Durable and maneuverable


        • On the smaller side 

        The Patriot Off-road Camper X3 - Best Off-Road Camper for Rough Terrain

        If you want to go rough, really rough, you might want to look at the Off-road Camper X3 from Patriot Campers. It's almost like the engineers at Patriot Campers are daring campers to throw everything they can at this strong little camper trailer. It's tough as nails, and when you open it up, you'll find a nice interior with a 100mm pocket sprung gel-top mattress and space in the lounge area for an optional bunk.

         Length: 12' | Weight: 2200lbs


        • Good on rough terrain
        • Color options
        • Quality engineering


        • little pricey
        • Less storage

        BRS Offroad Pursuit - Best Off-Road Camper for Connectivity


        Want to camp in comfort, but might have a hard time leaving behind Netflix before bed? Don’t worry, with the BRS Offroad Pursuit, you will have no problem streaming with their 4G capabilities. This trailer is able to boost your reception and let you stream or use your device with 4G in areas where you may not normally have it. But, that’s not the only cool thing about this trailer, it also has plenty of storage, a stove, grill, fridge, sink, hot shower, queen bed, large stargazing window, outlets, AC, heating, solar panels, Enerdrive battery system, and water storage. This pretty amazing trailer is definitely one of our top picks and was also the Camper Trailer of the year in 2018. 

        Length: 17' | Weight: 3627lbs


        • 4G Capabilities
        • Lots of storage


        • Tight living quarters

        Escapade Backcountry - Best Off-Road Camper for Customization

        Simple and tough. Beautiful. Escapade Campers are built by professionals using high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship from the ground up. Every Escapade trailer starts with a 2"x3" tubular steel trailer frame that is fully welded and has an integrated trailer tongue and 2" accessory hitch on the back. This frame is made to handle the roughest terrain. All off-road Escapade models come standard with Timbren Axle-Less suspension, Raceline wheels, Falken Wildpeak at3w tyres, and HD step fenders. Our campers are made with an insulated wood frame and a fibreglass body with no seams. Maple veneered wood is used to build the walls and cabinets on the inside. You can choose from many different upgrades, such as interior cabinets, heat, air conditioning, bunk beds, an ARB fridge, solar panels, rooftop tents, awnings, and more. Escapade Campers are made to get you out into nature, whether you're on the open road or off the beaten path. Are you ready for your Big Adventure?

        Length: 15' | Weight: 2750lbs


        • Simple but tough
        • Made to get you in nature
        • Customizable 


        • Lot of pricey upgrade

          Boony Stomper Sunnyside Offroad - Best Off-Road Camper for Short Trips

          Setting up a tent while driving side-by-side can be annoying and take a lot of time. The Boony Stomper is a solution made by Sunnyside Offroad in Nevada. It doesn't have many extras, but it's only 600 pounds (depending on the options) and can be pulled by almost any vehicle, even a UTV. Plus, it's made with a custom long-travel suspension and hard-walled, aluminum-sided walls so that it doesn't slow down trail performance.

          Length: 9.25' | Weight: 600lbs


          • Lightweight
          • Easy setup


          • Not much bigger than a tent

          Woolly Bear Overland Taxa Outdoors - Best Off-Road Camper for Minimalism

          Let's get minimalistic. It takes a lot of engineering skill to make a small off-road trailer that still has everything you need (and then some). But the Woolly Bear from Taxa Outdoors shows that it can be done. This tiny trailer opens up to reveal a kitchen, storage space, a privacy tent for a toilet, and a tented sleeping area on the top deck. Not a single inch of space is wasted. A great way to get to know the wild.

          Length: 10.8' | Weight: 1270lbs


          • Minimalist 
          • Lots of utility


          • Not for those looking for luxury 
          • No on-board toilet

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          There you have it, some of the Best Off-Road campers available at the moment. When setting up and preparing for the trip you should also make sure you are prepared and ready for any roadside emergencies. You should always make sure you have the right recovery gear, especially when you are towing an off-road camper. There are obviously some great off-road campers that we left off of this list. Which off-road camper do you currently have, or what's your dream off-road camper?

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          What are the characteristics of an off-road trailer?

          The raised clearance that is characteristic of off-road trailers sets them apart from other types of recreational and living trailers. This raised clearance makes it possible for off-road trailers to travel over rough terrain that may contain protruding roots, rocks, and waterways.

          Which types of travel trailers have the longest lifespans?

          Camping trailers manufactured by Airstream, such as the Basecamp 16X, have almost a century's worth of design experience behind them, making them among the most long-lasting options available. Consider purchasing the Woolly Bear from Taxa Outdoor if you are more comfortable with a pop-up configuration.

          What is the shape of a travel trailer that has the least impact on the environment?

          Camping trailers with a teardrop shape, such as TC Teardrop's ORE, have a much lower drag coefficient compared to camping trailers with a more rectangular shape. Have a look through our collection of the top off-road camping trailers to find the model that's right for you.

          What are some of the most typical issues that arise with travel trailers?

          A common cause of trailer breakdowns is water seepage caused by seals that have not been properly maintained. Rooftops are frequently disregarded, which can lead to the formation of additional pathways for water to enter a building. When the ratio of water to solids in the toilet is not monitored, it can lead to clogs in the toilet.