8 Most Important Survival Items For Adventurers

8 Most Important Survival Items For Adventurers

Written by Pierce Bryant
March 27, 2021

Remember Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) in Cast Away?

After countless frustrating attempts of starting a fire with nothing but a crafted spindle and plank, he finally sees smoke and heartwarmingly cries out – “FIRE!”. It is okay to admit that you teared up for the guy, I sure did.

Now, imagine how much faster that scene would have progressed had Chuck found a fire starter in one of the FedEx packages. Better yet, imagine how much faster the entire movie would had progressed had he found this.

hanks opening survival tools

The point is survival tools like fire starters, knives, and saws can be an absolute lifesaver. If you ever find yourself stranded with no help in sight, you are going to be thankful that you came prepared for it.

Whether you are planning on camping, hiking, going for an off-road adventure, or even a lengthy overland expedition – pack a few of these most important survival items in preparation for the worst-case scenario.

  • Fire Starter
  • fire starter

    For obvious reasons, an emergency campfire is important for survival. Whether it be for keeping yourself warm at night, or for cooking food. Unless you are a trained boy scout, starting a fire without some type of fire starter is going to take a whole lot of effort and time.

  • First-Aid Kit
  • first aid kit

    If you find yourself injured while exploring the great outdoors, you are in for a bad time. Professional medical attention is far out, and you are going to need to immediately work with what you have. Carrying a first-aid kit is one of the most important survival items that you will need.

  • Map & Compass
  • map and compass

    Unlike mobile phones, a paper map and reliable compass do not rely on a battery. Packing a map and compass is incredibly important for survival. These items will help ensure that you can safely find your way back to the trails and continue exploring where you left off.

  • Emergency Food
  • emergency food rations

    This item goes without saying. Bring food. Whether it be canned food, or one of those awesome survival food kits you can find online. Without food in your system, you will lack the energy to perform more difficult tasks to survive. So, bring some food that will not expire overnight.

  • Water Purification Tablets
  • water purification tablets

    Your body can handle going without food for up to three weeks. However, your body will only survive 3-7 days without hydration. Sometimes, you will come across a creek, river, etc. and to safely drink this water you will need water purification tablets. They are affordable and can be found online.

  • Survival Shovel
  • rhino usa ultimate survival shovel

    These compact multi-tool survival shovels offer far more than what meets the eyes. They twist and turn and can be taken apart to reveal bonus survival tools such as a fire starter, whistle, bottle opener, saw, hoe, fish scaler (knife), window breaker and more. You can find them on our online store.

  • Signal Mirror
  • signal mirror

    If you find yourself stranded, a signal mirror could mean life or death. Believe it or not, a signal mirror can be spotted from up to 15 miles away. So long as the sky is blue and the sun is bright, a signal mirror will be one of the most effected ways to quickly gain the attention of first responders.

  • Fishing Line and Hooks
  • fishing line and hook

    If you run out of your emergency food rations, these tools could prove useful. Find a local stream, rig your line and hook to a stick, and fish away. Assuming there are fish in the body of water that you are fishing, you could seriously extend your chances of survival using this method of gathering food.