Heavy Duty Adjustable Drop Hitches: The Ultimate Guide

Heavy Duty Adjustable Drop Hitches: The Ultimate Guide

Written by Thomas Nielsen
April 20, 2023

When you need to tow a vehicle or trailer, you want to be able to do so with peace and mind. It can be a stress taking on a large load so you want to feel confident and reassured it's secure and safe. Which is where the Rhino USA adjustable drop hitch comes in. Rated at 12,500 LBS GTW with a max tongue weight of 1,250LBS it doesn't only get the job done, but it does so to the highest standard. Designed and engineered in the US and forged from heavy-duty materials, it's designed to take care of the most demanding jobs leaving you to navigate the roads with complete peace of mind.

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What is a drop hitch?

When you are towing a vehicle, the trailer needs to be level with the ground otherwise it might not tow properly. Not only can this cause potential damage to your vehicle or the one you're towing but it will make the journey much more difficult. Drop hitches are designed to alter the height of the trailer hitch receiver making them both the same height and ensuring it's level.

The Rhino USA adjustable trailer hitch is designed to use with standard 2" receivers which are common to most 1/2 ton trucks and SUVs. The stainless steel and black version features an anodized coating to prevent rust and offers 7.5" of drop or rise for maximum convenience.

Our drop hitches come with locking pins included that help to protect your investment. Our Rhino USA premium 2.5" locking hitch pin secures the hitch to the adjustment rail and features a sliding dust cover to keep dirt and debris out of the lock. It also features a second pin to secure the shank to the hitch receiver adding extra security and safety for whatever you're towing.

Why do you need a trailer drop hitch? 

Not all vehicles and trailers are the same size so you need a trailer drop hitch to level them out and make it safe to tow. By altering the drop hitch for your trailer, you can level them out ensuring it’s safe to be on the road. It also means you can accommodate different trailer and truck sizes, heights and types making it more convenient for you to complete jobs.

What size drop hitch is best?

Drop hitch size

The drop height of your vehicle and the trailer is vital when it comes to ensuring it's safe and secure. This is essentially how far below the receiver height the drop hitch lowers the ball connection point. 

When it comes to determining the best drop hitch size, you need to determine the size of your hitch receiver measuring from the inside wall to wall. You then need to measure the drop hitch height from the ground to the bottom of the trailer coupler on the trailer. 

Once you have this, measure from the ground to the top of the inside of the receiver on the vehicle you will be towing from. You can then calculate the difference between the two which will let you know the drop hitch size required.

Why should I get a Rhino USA adjustable drop hitch?


  • It’s versatile

  • The Rhino USA adjustable drop hitch can be easily adjusted to fit a whole host of different types of trailers making sure the fit is right every single time. This means no matter the load or trailer type you’re carrying, you can do so with complete peace of mind.

  • It’s convenient

  • If you need to carry different trailers, it can be a hassle to switch up the hitches every time. With the Rhino USA adjustable drop hitch you don’t need to have multiple hitches and instead can use just the one that can be adjusted as needed. This saves valuable time and effort each time you need to get going and complete a job.

  • It’s easy to install

  • Fixed hitches can require precise positioning and be a pain to install. With our adjustable drop hitch, it’s much easier as it doesn’t need to be in the exact place and can be mounted onto your vehicle with minimal effort.

  • It’s safe

  • Whenever you’re dealing with heavy loads on a vehicle, you need to make safety a priority. By being able to adjust the hitch and achieve the optimal height for your trailer, it ensures your towing safety is paramount. This will reduce the chance of an accident on the road.

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