How (not) to break your arm or hand in a UTV rollover!

How (not) to break your arm or hand in a UTV rollover!

Written by Cameron Repic
November 16, 2022

Link to product: Rhino USA UTV Wrist Restraints 

The number one injury sustained during a UTV rollover is a broken arm or hands. It happens every single day. That’s because most UTV’s don’t have windows or even window nets, and it’s instinctual to put your arms and hands out when your body rolls. Sure, you can spend a few hundred dollars per window and have nets installed, but there’s a much simpler solution; Rhino USA UTV Safety Wrist Restraints

The Rhino Wrist Restraints look deceptively simple. They’re basically a soft cuff that is attached to the wrist and worn on the hand next to the window. So drivers cuff their left hand and passengers their right hand. The cuffs loop through your lap belt (harness) on the other end. They are long enough for you to reach up and adjust your goggles, helmet, etc, but too short for you to put your arm out the window or grab the roll cage accidentally when you rollover. Should all four passengers be wearing them in a four-seat car? Yes, definitely. Especially teenagers who are even more prone to reaching out during a UTV rollover. 

You’re probably thinking “But dude, how can you drive with a wrist restraint on?” Answer: easily. Your hand can easily reach the 10 o’clock position and travel the complete circumference of the steering wheel. In fact the more you look at it the more you realize there is nothing – your left can do while driving other than grip the steering wheel that is remotely useful – especially in a rollover. In theory, you should never take your hands off the wheel but some may argue grabbing the shifter might be needed on certain model UTV’s under certain conditions – totally doable, the right hand is free. But leftie needs to stay locked down when driving. Another safety tool for UTV owners is a grab handle, which also makes it easy for passengers to get in and out of the vehicle, and allows them to hold on to something when the UTV is moving at high speeds. Rhino USA UTV Grab Handle

Even if you are an experienced driver anything can happen in a UTV rollover. A few months back we were prerunning the Mint 400 racecourse and drove into some soft sand. My co-dog said “Right!” then “Left” quickly and I basically put the car in a very slow, awkward sideways slide anddddd….. Ka-donk! Right on the side. Luckily the car has nets. Because damn, if I didn’t reach my left hand and arm up ever so SLOWLY to protect my head, which I didn’t need to do because I was wearing a helmet. Stupid. By lifting my arm all I did was expose my bar ribs and cracked them pretty good. Had I been wearing the Rhino Wrist Restraints I would have saved my body a lot of pain. We’ve been wearing them ever since on every shoot and now they are second nature. If I had one small gripe it might be the wrist cuff could stand to be a bit less bulky and more like a boogie board wrist strap. A little softer and more pliable. But that’s pretty minor. They do soften up over time for sure. 

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When you operate a UTV you are responsible for the health and safety of your passengers. Asking them to put on a Rhino USA Wrist Restraint makes it far less likely they will sustain an injury in a rollover accident. That’s an easy cost-effective way to make your riding more fun and secure for your friends and loved ones. All Rhino USA products have a money-back guarantee. You can pick them up directly at or any major online reseller. 

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What does UTV stand for?

UTV stands for utility terrain vehicle or utility task vehicle, and is also known as a side-by-side. They are different from ATV's in the sense that ATV's have a straddles seating position with handlebars, and no top/roll bars. UTV's on the other hand, feature a more side by side bucket seat setup with a steering wheel, and protective exterior. Some UTV's also have the capabilities of carrying 4-6 people.

Are UTV's street legal?

The rules on UTV's being street legal varies from state to state. Most states do not allow UTV's to be driven on public streets, however, states such as Montana, do allow UTV's to be street legal as long as they are registered as a motor vehicle with a proper license plate, and equipped with a mirror, horn, headlight, and brake lights. Check out the full list of states where UTV's are street legal, and how to make a UTV street legal!