The BEST Wheel Tie-Down System for Your UTV is HERE!

The BEST Wheel Tie-Down System for Your UTV is HERE!

Written by Cameron Repic
November 10, 2022

Link to product: Rhino USA UTV Wheel Chock Tie-Down Kit

The quick hit: The Rhino USA UTV Wheel Chock Tie-Down Kit is by far the safest and easiest way to tie-down your UTV and should be installed on every trailer you own! Stop messing around with four or more straps and make loading and unloading your UTV a breeze. This Wheel Chock UTV Tie-Down System comes with all the heavy-duty hardware you need to permanently mount the included front-wheel chocks to your metal or wood trailer. The wheel chocks provide the perfect cradle for your front tires, removing all the guessing when loading and strapping down. The industry standard E Track clip system allows for quick and easy connection of the supplied heavy-duty 2” Rhino USA tie-down straps with padded handles. The UTV Wheel Chock Tie-Down Kit comes with a money-back guarantee, lifetime warranty and is manufactured by an American-owned and operated, family-run business.

If you’re like me you have no idea what a “chock” is. Or at least you didn’t until now. I’ve never once said, “Hey put a chock behind that tire!” A “wedge” maybe. Usually, it’s a log – LOL. But it turns out, that is the official name for a plastic or rubber wedge you put behind a tire to keep a vehicle from moving. Having a heavy-duty wheel chock for your truck, UTV or SUV is a really smart idea – but Rhino USA has taken that idea to a whole new level. They have designed a wheel chock kit for the front tires of your UTV (or really any vehicle with 40” tires or less) that permanently mounts to your trailer using E track. What’s E track? How’s this work? Hang with us, because it turns out this is by far the easiest and most reliable way to secure your car, truck UTV, or even lawnmower to your trailer, and it’s built on the best tie-down strap on the planet – the heavy-duty 2” tie-down strap by Rhino USA.

For those of you with a heavy-duty trailer with lots of D-rings and attachment points built into your trailer – you might have plenty of ways to tie down a vehicle quickly and safely. But a real common problem for those of us with less expensive wood or aluminum trailers is the lack of tie-down points. People end up putting tie-down hooks in all sorts of places to get some leverage on the car – and that’s simply not safe. The Rhino USA Wheel Chock UTV Tie-Down System solves that problem because it mounts two small sections of E-track on either side of your front wheels. That gives you the perfect tie-down point for your Rhino USA tie-down straps which include E-track fittings. Not to mention by tying down your front wheels you’re letting your vehicle’s suspension move and absorb some of the force created when towing. It’s a safer way to tow, period. The kit contains four (front) wheel chocks which are heavy-duty, powder-coated, indestructible bump stop plates with a built-in E track, a bag of heavy-duty hardware, two heavy-duty 2” tie-down straps, and industrial velcro to hold the excess strap in place.

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Installation is simple. You simply park your trailer on a flat smooth surface and load your UTV or vehicle onto the trailer like you normally would, making sure you’re as straight as possible and putting the bulk of your vehicle’s weight over the trailer axle. Next place the Rhino USA Wheel Chocks down just in front of and behind your front tires, making sure they are centered on your wheels, and with some chalk or a pencil, mark the location of the chocks. Back your vehicle off the trailer, then replace the chocks using the guides and adjust the placement using a tape measure. Check that your chocks are equal distance from the side and front trailer rails, and each other. Then carefully examine the underside of the trailer as you’re going to be drilling holes through the subfloor and you don’t want to hit anything important. Once you’ve measured and double-checked your positions twice, mark the bolt holes and drill six holes for each of the four chocks. Then simply use the provided bolts, washers, and nuts to lock each chock in place. That’s it! You’re all set. You now have a permanently installed wheel chock and E track for your tie-downs.

We installed this UTV Tie-Down System on two trailers and love it. It removes all the guesswork from loading our UTV’s because when the front tires land inside the chock cradle you know you’re in a perfect position. It then takes about 37 seconds to run the tie-down straps over the tires and tighten the load. We’re on the road with the AC running while other dudes are still working on attaching strap number four to their loads. One minor gripe is that on our wood trailer we needed bigger washers than those supplied, just to be safe – but getting $20 worth of hardware, to begin with, is pretty damn cool.

One important point – if you run multiple machines on the same trailer you will have to keep the width of your machine, or wheel offset in mind. Your 4-seat running 33’s may not line up with your Ranger crew running 27’s. Actually it won’t, there’s no “might not” about it. So keep that in mind. Can you mount more than one set of UTV Wheel Chock Tie-Downs on the same trailer though? Absolutely. You could run three if you need one for the kids 170 too!

The Rhino USA UTV Tie-Down System has a guaranteed max break strength of nearly two thousand pounds and includes everything you need to install it on a wood or metal trailer. And remember Rhino USA is American owned – they’re a family-run business and they offer a lifetime warranty on everything they sell. If you have any questions about the installation process you can pick up the phone and actually call the guys over at Rhino and they’ll answer all your questions. So head over to OR ask for the Rhino USA UTV Wheel Chock Tie-Down Kit at your local off-road shop. Tow safe and we’ll see you guys in the dirt!

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Are these tie-downs suitable for all UTV models?

Yes, our UTV Wheel Chock Tie-Down System is designed to accommodate a wide range of UTV models and wheel sizes up to 35". The adjustable straps ensure a secure fit regardless of your UTV's specifications.