How To Safely Remove Jeep Doors

How To Safely Remove Jeep Doors

Written by Pierce Bryant
May 17, 2021

What's the best thing about owning a Jeep? Is it the fact that it can take a beating in the wilderness one day and then drive you to the office the next? Or perhaps the fact that you can fit just about anything inside a Jeep?

While those things are all swell, most Jeep owners agree that not much can compare to the feeling of driving with the roof and doors removed. After all, not many cars can help you recreate the sensation that cruising open-air can grant. The challenge lies in preparing your Jeep for that experience.

For a first-timer, removing the doors from a Jeep might seem intimidating — and we get that. We're here to cut the struggle out of the whole process for you and walk you through it. In just a few short steps, we'll show you how to get your Jeep ready for an adventure!

How to Prepare for Removing Jeep Doors

preparing to remove jeep doors

Before we roll up our sleeves and get started, we will go over a few important things to be mindful of prior to and during the whole process.

Door Removal & Mirrors

Check your local laws for driving vehicles without doors. The lack of car doors alone shouldn't be an issue, but depending on the state, you are required to have a certain number of mirrors in your car. 

Removing the doors on your Jeep equals removing the side-view mirrors. Fortunately, they are easy to reattach with a number of aftermarket solutions for Jeep mirrors

Prepare the Tools

Not much is needed in order to remove Jeep doors. To make it easier, make sure you have the following:

With all of the steps above taken care of, it's now time to get down to business and learn how to remove a Jeep door or two!

Step One: Roll Down the Windows

rolling down jeep windows

  • You need to be able to reach inside the car, so this is quite important and makes the whole process easier.

Step Two: Fold Your Side-View Mirrors

folding jeep door mirrors

  • Most models of Jeep have easily foldable mirrors. Doing this ensures that you won't accidentally damage the mirror once the door comes off.

Step Three: Remove the Limit Strap

remove jeep door limit strap

  • The limit strap is a black safety strap that prevents the doors from opening too far and too abruptly. It's found on the inside of the door jamb in your Jeep.
  • You should be able to easily remove it with the door just slightly ajar.

Step Four: Unplug the Wiring

unplug jeep door wiring

  • This only applies if your Jeep has powered windows and door locks. If it does, locate the wiring harness that connects to the vehicle and unplug it completely.

Step Five: Remove the Nuts and Bolts

remove bolts from jeep door

  • This is where your Torx Wrench Set comes in handy. If you're not sure which Torx you need, simply look at the door hinges on your Jeep  — you should be able to find the correct size etched onto the hinge.
  • You will see a large bolt as part of the hinge assembly. If you want to remove it, you need to first remove the nut that holds it in place.

Step Six: Pull the Door Off the Car

remove door from jeep

  • With the bolt removed, it's now time to pull the door up and off your Jeep.
  • If you rolled the windows down, reach inside the car and grab the armrest, then grab the outside of the door with your other hand. Don't do this near the hinges — you might hurt yourself.
  • Gently pull the door upwards until it comes off completely.
  • Set down the door securely in a safe spot.
  • Before you move on to the next step, you should remove all the other doors on your Jeep.

Step Seven: Disable the Door Alarm

disable jeep door alarm

  • Start by disconnecting the battery. Next, find the fuse box (most commonly found by the parking brake).
  • Disconnect the fuse called "Door Jamb Defeat". If you're not sure which one that is, don't go in blind — check your owner's manual beforehand.
  • Store the fuse in a safe place so that you can reconnect it when you reinstall the doors.
  • Reconnect the battery. Double-check all the battery cables and make sure they're tightly attached to the negative battery post.

Step Eight: Reinstall the Mirrors

reinstall jeep mirrors

  • If your state law requires it, reinstall the side-view mirrors according to the manufacturer's instructions. It's usually simple and should only take a few minutes.

Time for a Drive!

time for a drive

With the doors removed, your Jeep is now ready for an open drive. All that remains is to check the weather and head out!