Product Feature: The Rhino USA 4 Pack 1.6” Ratchet Tie-Down Kit

The Best Ratchet Straps: Rhino USA 1.6" Ratchet Tie-Down Kit

Written by Cameron Repic
November 9, 2022

Link to product: Rhino USA 1.6" Ratchet Tie-Down Kit

Tie downs.  One of the biggest pains when towing your UTV if you let it be.  You’ve got everything loaded up, ready for your trip, and there’s just one thing left to do.  Where are they?  Who has an extra one?  Mine’s frayed and about to give at any moment, should I risk it?  Why do I have four different straps, in four different sizes?

It always amazes us when people skimp out on the single most important keeping their UTV safe and secure on your trailer and not purchase purpose made straps.  We’ve all been there but why not have the peace of mind knowing your Motorcycle, ATV, or UTV is safe and secure when traveling?  Rhino USA hooked us up with one of their 1.6” Ratchet Tie-Down Kits and solved our strap mess.

The Rhino USA 1.6” Ratchet Tie-Down Kit is the ultimate UTV or motorcycle transportation solution.  The Tie-Down Kit comes with (4) heavy duty ratchet straps and (4) soft loop tie-downs, ensuring your expensive vehicle is secured safely for your next road trip.

Lab tested at 5,208 lbs break strength, each ratchet strap features eight feet of usable heavy-duty material and each soft loop features 17 inches of heavy-duty material.  The heavy-duty padded handles feature an ultra-precise locking mechanism, as well as double-diamond stitching for superior strength and efficiency.

The S-Hooks feature high-quality safety clips for maximum security and the soft loop straps provide lots of options for securing your vehicle without damaging the paint or plastics.  The Rhino USA 1.6″ Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie-Down Kit is available in six different colors and includes a handy cinch bag to keep your tie-downs clean and organized when not in use.

Rhino USA’s superior tie-down straps are well-known in the industry for their build quality and design.  This means no more checking your mirror to confirm your expensive ride or cargo is still strapped down when hitting that nasty pothole on the road!  All Rhino Products are Durable, Dependable and built to last forever.

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What to Look For When Buying Ratchet Straps

When looking to buy ratchet straps one of the most important things to consider is the design and the materials used. For the most durable and dependable ratchet straps, it is essential that they are made of high quality materials and designed to withstand regular use and the elements.

The next thing to look for when purchasing ratchet straps is the size (length and width), the size of the ratchet straps determines what type of vehicle the straps are being used to tie down, and how much the working load and break strength of the ratchet straps is.

Lastly, we recommend buying ratchet straps that are built with ease of use and functionality in mind. Rhino USA ratchet tie down straps are superior due to the heavy duty materials used, the s-hooks for strength and security, along with the durable and precise mechanism for a consistent and effortless ratchet!

The Rhino USA 1.6″ Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie-Down Kit is available for $59.97 plus shipping and handling.  Visit to order direct or ask for Rhino Straps at your motorcycle or UTV shop!

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