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Showing You The Ropes: Recovery Strap VS Tow Strap

Showing You The Ropes: Recovery Strap VS Tow Strap

While the terms recovery strap and tow strap are often used interchangeably, a tow strap and a recovery strap can be very different and are usually used for different purposes.

Recovery strap

-Made of nylon
-Used for “recovering” a vehicle that’s immobilized.
-Sometimes also called snatch straps for the ability to “snatch” a vehicle from a stuck position.
-Can also be used for towing

Tow strap

-Generally made of polyester
-Used for towing a “free-wheeling” vehicle behind another.
-Usually has a hook on each end.
-Should not be used for recovering a vehicle because of the lack of strength increases the chances that the strap could snap.

Our recovery / tow straps are designed to be used for both recovery and towing. The poly/silk fabrication is much stronger so it’s ideal for recovery uses and the loops or “eyes” offer more flexibility than traditional straps that have hooks already attached.

Here at Rhino USA, we're proud to be a family owned and operated business located in Temecula, California.  However, we're not just "any" small family business, we are a Father and 2 Sons who are avid motorcycle and powersports enthusiasts.  We designed and thoroughly field tested all of our products to make sure they are the best! Check out our list of products now!


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