The best ‘Oh Shit’ grip and grab handle money can buy for your UTV or 4X4!

The best ‘Oh Shit’ grip and grab handle money can buy for your UTV or 4X4!

Written by Cameron Repic
November 11, 2022

Link to product: Rhino USA UTV & 4x4 Grab Handles

The quick hit: The Rhino USA 4X4 and UTV Roll Bar Grab Handles are the perfect way to add comfort and safety to your ride and ensure your passengers don’t get hurt while you’re wheeling. They mount quickly and easily to any standard roll bar, either on the roof or down pillars, and instantly make entry/exit and travel off-road enjoyable. They also give your passengers a handhold inside your vehicle, making any accidental rollovers far less dangerous. This is by far one of the easiest and most usable upgrades to your Jeep, truck, or UTV. The Rhino USA Grab Handles come with a money-back guarantee, lifetime warranty and is manufactured by an American-owned and operated, family-run business.

If you’ve ever ridden shotgun or passenger on a really bumpy off-road adventure – you know that it’s imperative you be able to support your body in order to prevent getting thrown around – especially if you’re wearing a stock seat belt without a real 4-point harness. There’s nothing more nauseating than the back-and-forth herky-jerky slamming motion when you have nothing to hand on to. And it can actually get pretty dangerous in some cases – you can smack your head on the roll cage if you’re not careful!

Most of the time, we end up sticking our hands out the window and holding onto the roll bar, but that’s also a really dangerous habit. In a rollover, you can smash your hands, break your finger, or worse, get them trapped under the weight of the car. We’ve seen it happen! This is precisely why every UTV has a handlebar for the co-driver – and most trucks these days have the classic “oh shit” handle above your head… For many UTV owner's its also important to own a set of UTV wrist restraints to avoid getting thrown out of your vehicle.

So what do you do if you don’t have those? You can spend $3K on a custom seat with a 4-point harness, or in some cases, you can weld handles to your roll bars, but that will ruin your paint or powder coat. The best solution is really to add Roll Bar Grab Handles from Rhino USA for about twenty bucks a pair!

The Rhino USA Roll Bar Grab Handles attach to anywhere on your 4X4 or UTV roll cage and instantly give your passengers a way to hang on when you’re out on the trail. They encourage your friends and family to keep their arms and hands safely inside the vehicle. They also make it easier to climb in and out of the vehicle. The Rhino Grab Handles are made of heavy-duty, thick nylon and won’t scratch your paint. They come in two sizes – large for 4X4 cages for Jeeps, Trucks, and SUV’s. And small for UTV roll cages.

They don’t require any cutting, drilling, or adhesive to mount and are easily removable. And like all Rhino USA products, they feature a lifetime warranty. We run these handles on all of our UTV’s and caged trucks in our fleet and love them. The only small complaint we have is that sometimes they slide out of reach – but that’s pretty minor. If you’ve got a nice off-road rig with a kick-ass roll cage – and you like to hang it out – you owe it to your passengers to give them a place to hang on. Pick up the Rhino USA Roll Bar Grab Handles at or ask for them at your local off-road shop! Rhino USA – Superior Powersports Accessories..

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How much weight can a grab handle support?

Most 4x4 and UTV grab handles can support a weight of around 350 pounds. Rhino USA grab handles are built with premium all-weather nylon material and tested and certified in the USA.

What is the best grab handle for Jeep?

The best Jeep grab handle is the Rhino USA 4x4 Roll Bar grab handle. It is built to last in all elements, and it comes with a guaranteed lifetime warranty.