Tire Pressure Check Near Me | Map Included

Tire Pressure Check Near Me | Map Included

Written by Pierce Bryant
February 12, 2019

tire pressure check near me

Many people neglect to check their tire pressure, even though it is actually very important if you want your car to perform safely, and at the top of its game. Maintaining the right amount of air pressure is truly vital, in particular, if you want to stay safe on the road, preventing unnecessary risks. On top of this, the right air pressure can help to save money on fuel and improve the lifespan of our wheels! The best part about checking and refilling your air pressure is that most of the time it’s convenient and free to do so. Continue reading to find out 7 of the best places to get your tire air pressure checked, and look after your wheels!

1) Gas stations

Most gas stations have a spot where you can check your air pressure and refill your tires. Usually, there are clear signs that mark where the air station is. It’s usually not next to the gas pumps, so you’ll never take up too much time to check them with people waiting behind you. The best part about gas station air is that it takes a matter of minutes to refill and it’s usually free. However, some gas stations may charge $1.50 -  $2 for customers to use their air pressure system. On top of this, because of how often we visit gas stations, it’s a great opportunity to stay on top of your air pressure. Often, your car will be the first thing on your mind while refilling fuel, so it’s a good habit to get into.

2) Oil change shops

Many local oil change locations offer free oil top-offs and also check your tire pressure. This is usually only offered to regular customers, so make sure you check with your mechanic to see if they offer this service.

3) Tire stores

Almost all tire shops offer an air pressure check for your wheels. If you visit the same place that installed your wheels, they may also offer it for free! One of the best parts of visiting a tire store is that if you have an air leak they can patch it up.  The professionals at the tire store can also keep an eye on your tread and ensure that your tires are still roadworthy!

4) Mechanics

Drop into your local mechanics to check if they offer air pressure services. Most likely they do and if you’re a regular customer you may even get the check for free. Whenever you take your car to the mechanics for a check-up, always ask for them to check your air pressure on top of everything else.

5) Car dealerships

It is quite unusual and not very common in larger metropolitan areas. However, some car dealership actually offer tire pressure and other check up services that might come in handy. This is particularly handy if you live in a fairly rural or remote area, where there might not be many mechanics around. In this particular situation, it’s quite common to see car dealerships doubling up as mechanics as well, since there is a lot of demand for these types of services!

6) Your trusted car care professional

If you regularly work with a specific mechanic or car care professional, you might be better off contacting them to receive advice, suggestions and additional check-ups for your tires!

7) Search the internet for local businesses

Google’s local search algorithms are better than ever before. It is actually really easy to find new businesses near you, as well as checking reviews and customer opinions. For instance, you might stumble upon companies such as ours, which sells premium tire gauges, as well as providing extensive resources and know-how for car owners.

Speaking of car gauges, these remarkable tools actually make it a lot of easier for you to check your tires, without spending time and money taking your car to a nearby shop for service. Gauges are a great long-term investment, which will enable you to make the most out of your in-house car care needs and enjoy more freedom and flexibility in almost any situation.