30' Tow Strap & Shackle Hitch Receiver Combo



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30' Tow Strap & Shackle Hitch Receiver Combo Recovery Rhino USA, Inc.

30' Tow Strap & Shackle Hitch Receiver Combo




10000 LBS


30000 LBS



13950 LBS


41850 LBS


Introducing the ultimate companion for off-road enthusiasts and adventurers – the Rhino USA Tow Strap/Shackle Hitch Receiver Recovery Combo. Engineered for unmatched strength and durability, this combo equips you with the power to conquer any recovery situation. Whether you're navigating through challenging terrains or lending a hand to fellow off-roaders, our Tow Strap and Shackle Hitch Receiver ensure a secure and reliable connection. Trust in Rhino USA's commitment to quality and safety, backed by years of expertise in crafting top-notch recovery gear.

Made From a Unique Poly-Silk Blend

Every other tow strap on the market (that we’re aware of, anyway) uses 100% nylon. Our tow straps use a unique blend of poly-silk, which is advantageous because it allows the tow strap to stretch by about 8%. This improves durability, strength, and allows for a smoother recovery.

Please note, however, that tow straps are NOT to be used in the same way as kinetic ropes. Tow straps are meant to be used for static recoveries (no running start) and not dynamic recoveries (requires a running start to build up kinetic energy). The stretch is more of an insurance policy, not a main feature. Check out our kinetic ropes if you’re interested in a dynamic recovery that requires a running start.

Built to Last Quality

The moment you unbox your Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver, you’ll see that it is built to last. Our break strength is top of the line (over 40,000lbs.) and we lab-test right here in the USA. Durable and at an unbeatable price, our Shackle Hitch Receiver will outperform any others on the market. Combine that with our recovery tow strap, and you have one of the best recovery setups available!

Easy Installation and Use

The recovery hitch receiver features a user-friendly design that allows for quick and effortless installation. With its simple and straightforward setup, you can easily attach and detach the shackle, providing convenience and flexibility for various towing or recovery scenarios. This makes it a hassle-free and time-saving option for your vehicle recoveries.

Heavy-Duty Carrybag Included

Our tow strap/shackle combo kit comes with a heavy-duty canvas carrybag for easy storage and to keep your gear organized!


How does a tow strap compare to a kinetic rope?

This recovery tow strap and a kinetic energy recovery rope perform the same function – recover a stuck vehicle from a ditch, mud, snow, etc. In the simplest terms possible, kinetic energy recovery ropes perform this job better than a tow strap, and are also safer. However, a kinetic energy recovery rope costs anywhere 2-3 times as much as a tow strap. For someone on a budget who plans on recovering light vehicles (ATVs, etc.) this recovery tow strap will do the job just fine. For the truly dedicated off-roading adventurer that’s willing to spend a little more, we recommend one of our kinetic energy recovery ropes instead.

What is the weight capacity of the shackle hitch receiver?

Our shackle hitch receiver has an impressive working load limit of 13,950lbs and a max break strength of 41,850lbs, making it suitable for heavy-duty towing and recovery applications. This hitch receiver is built to handle substantial loads with ease, providing the strength and reliability required for demanding tasks.

Does the tow strap stretch at all?

Yes, about 8%. However, this is NOT meant to be used like a kinetic energy rope with a snatch recovery.

Is the shackle hitch receiver compatible with all 2" receivers?

The Rhino USA shackle hitch receiver is designed to fit standard 2" receivers, which are commonly found on most trucks and SUVs. However, it is important to ensure that your specific vehicle has a 2" receiver before purchasing to ensure proper fit and compatibility.

⚠️ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including DEHP, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


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