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Recovery Snatch Block



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The Rhino USA Recovery Snatch Block is your ultimate solution for safe and efficient vehicle recovery operations. Engineered with rugged durability and precision performance in mind, this winch snatch block is designed to tackle the toughest recovery challenges with ease. With its smooth operation and exceptional load-bearing capacity, our snatch block allows you to double your pulling power and navigate through difficult recovery scenarios effortlessly. Whether you're an off-road enthusiast, a professional recovery service, or an outdoor adventurer, the Rhino USA Recovery Snatch Block is the must-have tool to elevate your recovery game.

Superior Construction

The Rhino USA Recovery Snatch Block is built to handle the toughest recovery operations. Made with high-strength cutting edge aerospace polymer pulley and 6mm powder coated drop forged steel. These heavy duty materials and precision engineering, ensures durability and reliability in demanding situations. It is most effective when paired with a tree saver strap and heavy duty Rhino USA d-ring shackle.

Enhanced Load-Bearing Capacity

With its impressive load-bearing capacity, this snatch block for winches allows you to effectively double your pulling power. It can handle heavy loads with ease, making it ideal for off-road recoveries, towing, and other challenging situations. The Rhino USA Recovery Snatch Block has a 13.5 ton maximum break strength and a 9,000+ pound working load limit.

Smooth and Efficient Operation

Equipped with a smooth-rolling snatch block pulley, our snatch blocks for winches ensure smooth and efficient operation during recoveries. Its low-friction design minimizes rope or cable wear and reduces the strain on your equipment, making the recovery process safer and more effective. The self-lubricating aerospace polymer material gives you a strong and smooth attachment, without the need for grease or other lubrication.


I have a winch, what do I need a snatch block for?

The snatch block acts as a simple machine to A) decrease load on the winch and B) increase the amount of weight you can move. In effect, it gives you a 2:1 gear ratio v.s. 1:1 on a straight line pull.

What is the maximum load capacity of the Rhino USA snatch block?

The Rhino USA snatch block has a maximum break strength of 13.5 tons, and working load limit of over 9,000lbs allowing you to effectively double your pulling power for heavy recovery operations.

Can I use synthetic ropes with the snatch block?

Yes, the snatch block is designed to be compatible with both synthetic ropes and steel cables, providing versatility for different recovery scenarios.

Is the snatch block easy to attach and maneuver?

Absolutely! The snatch block features a swiveling hook that allows for easy attachment and smooth maneuverability during recoveries, making it convenient to use in various situations.

Can the snatch block reduce strain on my recovery equipment?

The snatch block's low-friction design ensures smooth operation and reduces strain on your recovery equipment, minimizing rope or cable wear. This makes the recovery process safer and helps prolong the lifespan of your gear.

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