4 Reasons the Rhino USA Recovery Strap Outshines Competitors

4 Reasons the Rhino USA Recovery Strap Outshines Competitors

Written by Pierce Bryant
February 15, 2023

A high-quality recovery strap is a must-have for anyone who enjoys off-roading, and finding a strap that will not fray, tear, or wear down quickly is unreasonably difficult. Therefore, I would like to take some time today to introduce 5 Reasons the Rhino USA Vehicle Recovery Strap Outshines Competitors. After years of off-roading, and countless vehicle recoveries – both my vehicle and others – I have come to understand and accept that sinking feeling we all get when inspecting the severity of “how stuck” our vehicle really is. It could mean the end of a beautiful trail ride with friends or it could mean a temporary setback that you came prepared for; It all depends on whether you are carrying a high-quality recovery strap.

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A recovery strap is sort of like a tow strap, but instead of metal hooks, it has strong fabric loop-ends to be used in conjunction with d-ring shackles. The reason for this is that when recovering a stuck vehicle, your strap is going to need to stretch very slightly to prevent the rope from snapping.

Trust me, you do not want a tow strap with metal hooksn  to snap during a vehicle recovery.

We do not normally self-promote our products, as our products usually do the convincing for us. However, we thought this article would make for a great opportunity to really highlight the core differences in our recovery strap that we believe sets us apart from many of our competitors.

Poly/Silk Blend Webbing

rhino usa recovery strap webbing

Your average recovery strap is manufactured using a Nylon and Polyester blend. However, the Rhino USA Recovery Strap is made with an exclusive Silk and Polyester blend. Why? Because we believe in quality over quantity. Nylon was originally produced as a more affordable (cheaper) alternative to silk, and although it has some benefits, it does not have the ability to withstand pulling pressure like its more expensive counterpart Silk can; and pulling is the main ingredient to recovering a vehicle. That is not all, Silk is also known for being the strongest natural fiber, while maintaining excellent elasticity.

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Bottom-line: We spend more money producing recovery straps that are stronger, more durable, and maintain the elasticity required when recovering a vehicle. Quality will always be our priority.

Reinforced Loop-Ends

rhino usa recovery strap loop ends

The loop-ends of your recovery strap take the most impact overtime, as these are the only part of your strap that will touch your vehicle – touching your d-ring shackles to be more specific. With this in mind, we wanted to ensure that the Rhino USA Recovery Strap loop-ends had some added protection, and we did just that. By adding 3-layers “triple reinforced” of our exclusive Poly/Silk material to the loop-ends, we noticed a drastic increase in the overall durability, longevity, and quality of our recovery straps.

Each layer is individually stitched as well. When we say, “triple reinforced”, we really mean it.

Protective Sleeves

rhino usa recovery strap protective sleeves

Not only do the Rhino Recovery straps have reinforced loop-ends, but they also come with heavy-duty protective sleeves. A protective sleeve will protect your recovery strap from heat, abrasion, and twists. Abrasions alone will severely damage your strap over a long period of time, and we wanted to make certain that our recovery straps included a heavy-duty protective sleeve to help eliminate that risk.

As of 2021, all of our recovery strap protective sleeves now include a premium rubber Rhino USA logo.

Lifetime Warranty

rhino usa recovery strap lifetime warranty

How about our Lifetime Warranty? Yes, you read the correctly. We are so confident in the strength, quality, and durability of our recovery straps that we include a lifetime warranty with every purchase. This essentially means that if your recovery strap tears, frays, or takes any sort of damage that makes you unhappy with your purchase, we will gladly send you a replacement at no cost. Even with a lifetime warranty included, less than 0.5% of Rhino customers end up using it, that shows true durability.

If you are interested in ordering a Rhino USA Recovery Strap of your own, you can visit our website at www.rhinousainc.com, or visit our Amazon store by clicking here. Thank you for reading.

rhino usa tow strapTow Strap FAQ's

How to use a tow strap?

The following steps should be taken when using a recovery tow strap to ensure an effective recovery and safety for everyone invovled:

  1. Inspect the tow strap
  2. Choose proper attachment points
  3. attach the strap
  4. Maintain tension on the strap
  5. Tow slowly and steadily
  6. Recovery and storage: once you have safely completed the recovery, store it properly to prevent damage and additional wear.