7 Best Off-Road Gas Cans for Emergencies

7 Best Off-Road Gas Cans for Emergencies

Running out of gas is everyone’s worst nightmare when they are on the road, but running out of gas when you are not on the road is even worse! For those of you who enjoy off-roading, especially in areas with limited to no cell service, having an extra can of gas can be extremely important —or even life-saving.

When choosing a gas can that you would like to keep in your car, there are many factors you will need to consider. Some of these factors are: size, durability, material, and functionality. The last thing you want is to purchase a can with low durability or one that is not very easy to use. Picking out the right can for you can be confusing, so we are going to break down our top picks.

Wavian Gas Can

wavian gas can

The Wavian Gas Can is debatably one of the nicest gas cans out there. It is made from cold rolled steel and is lined to help protect against rusting. It has a 5.28 gallon capacity and is 19 inches tall, 13.5 inches long, and 6.5 inches wide. It is DOT and OSHA compliant and also includes the spout. This gas can comes in a variety of colors and also has various accessories, such as gas can holders as well. This is a very durable option and is our top choice, but it is unfortunately restricted in California.

RotopaX Gas Can

rotopax 2 gallon gas can

The RotopaX gas can is a unique looking can that can even be mounted to the back of your Jeep. Each can however only holds 2 gallons, which can make this option a little pricey if you want to carry more than one can. But, it is good for emergency uses and also comes with the spout. If you would like to mount this can on your vehicle, you can purchase a mounting kit separately. It is leak proof and EPA and CARB compliant. This can is made with a plastic barrier that is fairly durable. One major negative with this gas can is that you must vent the fuel once a day. It is 17 ¾ inches tall, 13 ¼ inches long, and 3 inches wide.

Anvil Off-Road Jerry Can

anvil off-road jerry can gas can

The Anvil Off-Road Jerry Can is a 5.3 gallon steel can with safety cap and spout. It is slightly cheaper than the Wavian gas can, but also only comes in a red, green, blue, or yellow color. It is available in all 50 states and is EPA and CARB certified and OSHA compliant. This is also built to DOT, NFPA, and ASTM standards. This gas can is also mountable, but the mounting equipment is sold separately. The safety cap has a locking pin which helps prevent leaks and spills and it also has an internal vent.

Midwest Can Metal Jerry Can

Midwest Can’s Metal Jerry Can is a great affordable option for a metal can. It is 5 gallons and is 18 ¼ inches tall, 13.5 inches long, and 6.5 inches wide. This can has a quick flow spout and is spill proof as well. It is DOT, EPA, and CARB certified. This gas can, however, only comes in the color red.

Flame Shield Metal Gas Can

flame shield gas can

Flame Shield’s steel gas can is another great metal option and is less expensive than the Wavian gas can. This can has a 5 gallon capacity and is 18 ¼ inches tall, 13.5 inches long, and 6.5 inches wide. The only color this gas can comes in is classic red and it includes the spout and cap. It is EPA and CARB standard as well.

Midwest HDPE Gas Can

Midwest HDPE gas can is a good inexpensive option for a can. This can is only 2 gallons and is 9 ¾ inches tall, 9 ¼ inches long, and 7 ¾ inches wide. It is made of HDPE, not metal, and has a self venting function. It meets the EPA and CARB standards and also includes the cap and spout. If you are looking for a smaller, lightweight option, this may be a good fit. However, this will not be as durable as some of the metal options.

SureCan Gas Can

surecan gas can

SureCan’s HDPE gas can is another great option for a non- metal can. It is more expensive than Flame Shield’s can, but it is a 5 gallon, which is twice the capacity as theirs. This can is 15 ⅝ inches tall, 15 9/32 inches long, and 10 15/64 inches wide. It is self venting and only comes in a red color. The spout is included and it is EPA, CARB, and DOT certified. Although this is a good non-metal option, it is not available internationally or in California.

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