8 Things To Do When Your Truck Is Stuck In Snow

8 Things To Do When Your Truck Is Stuck In Snow

When a snowstorm or blizzard is on its way most people will start their preparations early! This could be anything from stocking up on food, getting extra blankets, or purchasing an endless supply of warm drinks and comfort food to fend off the chilly temperature!

Sometimes, our truck can be the last thing on our mind, and one of the worst parts of a snowstorm is waking up in the morning and finding your truck snowed in. Unfortunately, if your truck is parked on the street there aren't many things you can do to prevent it from being snowed in.

Continue reading to discover the best ways to get your truck up and running no matter how snowed in it is.


The first step to free your truck is to clear the snow from around the tires. A snow shovel is the best tool to use, however, if you don’t own a shovel you can also use an ice scraper or a heavy duty screwdriver.

Remove as much snow as possible from the back, front, and underneath the tire. Next up, clear a path that is long enough for the car to move back and forward. You won't need to move too far, but to gain traction and momentum you will need to clear a nice amount of room.

Before you start trying to maneuver the car out make sure that you also clear out the tailpipes of any excess ice or snow. Unfortunately, carbon monoxide poisoning can occur if the tailpipe is blocked when the engine is running. This can be extremely dangerous and possibly fatal, so it's important to remember this step!


After you have cleared away the snow it's time to get traction. To do this keep the wheels of the vehicle straight, put the truck in a low gear and start moving forward slowly. Then reverse slowly back. It’s imperative not to gun the engine, but instead, keep it slow and steady. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to free your truck from the snow. Keep an ear out to check if the tires spin and even put your head out of the window to keep an eye on them. If you hear the tires spinning take your foot off the accelerator straight away!


This may seem counterintuitive, however, applying the brakes while accelerating is a great way to stop useless spinning and help increase traction. Give this one a try but only for a little bit of time. You can cause serious damage to your breaks by doing this for more than a few moments!

If this doesn’t work, try the rocking technique, by moving gently backward and forwards over and over. This can generate momentum that can help you move out. Just like applying breaks, you should only try this for a couple of times. If you do it for too long the rocking method can end up having a negative effect on your transmission!


If none of these tips has helped, see if you can get a couple of people to help push your truck while you accelerate forward.

If you feel like there still isn’t enough traction, let some air out of your tires. Only let out a small amount, enough that you can visibly see that the tire is lower in air pressure. Sometimes this can work because there is more rubber connecting to the ground. However, this is a hazardous way to drive. Letting air out is only recommended if you can refill the air close by. Otherwise, it’s just too dangerous to drive with tires that are flat.


Featured Product: Rhino USA Traction Boards

Snow chains are a fail-safe way to get your truck out of the snow and moving! If you don’t have snow chains, there may also be some household items you can use to get your truck moving. To increase traction try Rhino USA traction boards, built to create traction in the snow and safely recover a stuck vehicle. Use your shovel to dig under your tires and push just the tip of the traction boards under the tires. In a low gear, slowly drive your way onto the traction boards and then accelerate to get up and out!


Hopefully, one of these many options helped you get unstuck. If your steering wheel is shaking, you may have snow still stuck in your tires. At the first chance where it’s safe, pull over and scrape the snow out with an ice scraper, screwdriver, or shovel.  If you released the air pressure in your wheels immediately replace the air.

Whenever there is inclement weather it's important to be prepared and allow yourself plenty of time to troubleshoot these kinds of problems. Good luck and stay warm!

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8 things to do when your truck is stuck in snow

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