Premium vs Cheap Traction Boards: What's The Difference?

Premium vs Cheap Traction Boards: What's The Difference?

Written by Thomas Nielsen
March 17, 2023

As a UTV or 4x4 driver that loves off-road adventures, ensuring that your vehicle is equipped with the accessories needed to handle anything that adverse weather and difficult terrains may send your way is a priority. Traction boards should be at the very top of your agenda.

If you want to make the best purchase for your overland vehicle, however, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the differences between premium traction boards and cheap traction boards. Here’s all you need to know. 

What are traction boards?

In short, traction boards are manufactured boards that feature a gripped surface. They can be used by virtually any vehicle but can be particularly useful for members of the $6bn UTV sector. First and foremost, they are used for overland vehicle recovery. By placing them under the rear tires, it is possible to recover the vehicle from sand, mud, or snow without the need for towing or pushing. Drivers can then continue their journey without disruption.

Traction boards can also be used to lift a vehicle before making minor repairs, to provide extra grip on slippery slopes, or to create a bridge over large holes on uneven off-road terrains.

Premium traction boards: an overview

When looking at traction boards, the choice between premium and cheap traction boards will be vital. The Rhino USA recovery traction board set is a premium product that delivers exceptional performance levels time and time again. 

Aside from looking fantastic in any of the three colors (green, red, or black), they are made from the highest quality reinforced nylon trax. The premium traction boards measure 43” x 12” x 6” and come with two robust leash straps, thus allowing you to get your vehicle freed in a matter of minutes.

The traction offered by premium reinforced nylon trax will give the user immense confidence whether the UTV or 4x4 is stuck in snow, sand, mud, or any other difficult terrain. In short, premium traction boards like the Rhino USA sets are designed to provide fast recoveries and deliver lifetime reliability.

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Premium Traction boards

Rhino USA offers the most durable and most effective traction boards on the market at an affordable price. Some brands offer their off road traction boards at almost $400, while Rhino USA gives you a better product with a lifetime warranty for a fraction of the cost.

Rhino USA Recovery Traction Board

Cheap traction boards: an overview

Alternatively, you could consider cheap traction boards for your 4x4 instead. There are several options on the market but the cheapest options are often made from plastic. They will often offer the same proposed function of allowing vehicles to get out of tricky situations and fold out to provide a temporary track starting from under the car’s wheel and lasting for a few feet with hopes of offering enough assistance to free the vehicle.

UV-stabilized polypropylene plastic is another commonly used option for a mid-range solution, which is a better material than the cheapest options but still inferior to Rhino USA premium boards. Over 600 deaths are recorded every year from off-road accidents while thousands more get stuck.

Whether choosing cheap or premium traction boards, you need to know that the devices will prevent wheel spinning and allow you to free your vehicle in style.

Premium traction boards versus cheap traction boards

The obvious benefit of cheap traction boards is that they cost less. So, if you only tend to take an annual off-road camping trip, you may assume that the cheap options are fine for your UTV, however, it’s important to recognize that cheap doesn’t always equate to value. 

While cheap traction boards may cost anywhere from $20 to $125, premium traction boards can cost upwards of $400, however, high quality off-road traction boards manufactured by Rhino USA are just under $150. Even if you use them once for roadside recovery or quick off-road overland vehicle repairs, the extra costs will seem worthwhile. After all, premium tractions boards deliver a wide range of benefits for 4x4 and UTV drivers, including but not limited to;

  • The reinforced nylon trax can handle 10 tons of pressure with ease, which puts many inferior products to shame.
  • Longer, wider tracks are better suited for larger vehicles like UTVs and SUVs while many cheaper options feel designed for smaller cars.
  • Premium traction boards are made from reinforced materials that provide lifetime guarantees. This includes all screws, straps, and elements.
  • The Rhino USA traction boards also come with a handy and durable carry case. The packaging for cheaper products will often break after a handful of uses.

Premium traction boards features

Above all else, the knowledge that you possess traction boards capable of freeing your vehicle will give you peace of mind on all future off-road adventures. For that reason, premium traction boards are almost always the best solution,


Traction boards are among the most important accessories you could ever purchase for your UTV or 4x4. However, if you want to have 100% confidence in their vehicle recovery capabilities, choosing premium traction boards is highly advised. Their added grip and durability will easily vindicate the small extra cost. We highly recommend never purchasing your off-road accessories or recovery gear from a brand you don't know and trust. Rhino USA is a USA-based father-son small business that guarantees the highest quality, ensuring peace of mind on the trail!

If you’re ready to buy the best traction boards ahead of your next off-road adventure, contact Rhino USA today.

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