The Best Traction Boards For Off-Road Recovery: A Comprehensive Guide

The Best Traction Boards For Off-Road Recovery: A Comprehensive Guide

Written by Thomas Nielsen
April 11, 2023

Rhino USA's pair of off-traction boards are the only traction boards you'll ever need when off-roading. Made of UV-stable material and reinforced nylon, the resilient traction mats are designed to work in rain or shine, whether in deep mud or deep snow. The unique knob design helps with tire traction and leverage to avoid spinning wheels in adverse weather. The versatile design comes with four carrying handles and extra vehicle recovery leashes to support you in snow, mud, sand, or even over rocks! Our unique traction mats even help you clear snow and debris with their cutting-edge shovel design when you're in a sticky situation.

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Why Traction Boards Are Essential For Off-Roading

Traction mats act as an extraction device for extreme conditions while off-roading. When your vehicle gets stuck, you need traction to get it moving. Traction boards provide, you've got it - traction - for your vehicle. They help you in mud, snow, or sand when your tire cannot get a grip. In cases where you don't want your tires to tear, they also support against rough terrain like rocks. Their lightweight material also helps your vehicle float nicely over sand rather than sinking into the surface. One of the unique aspects of the Rhino USA boards is that they help your truck or car lift and clear over obstacles on the ground. Roll your vehicle onto the mat, and it'll act as an additional lift-up to help get your vehicle out of snow or mud without that usual tire spin.

Why Rhino USA's Traction Boards Are The Only Ones You'll Ever Need

Best Traction Boards For Durability

Rhino USA's traction mats are made of glass-filled resin nylon for ultimate flexibility. Now, most boards are plastic, which isn't flexible. Plastic will bend, crack or break, while nylon is highly flexible, making the Rhino USA recovery board suitable for all conditions. The additional weight of larger vehicles like trucks won't break the board. The fact they are flexible also helps provide extra traction over unstable terrain. That's why we give our recovery boards a lifetime guarantee for all our customers, as we're confident they'll never break. You won't see this level of durability, safety and lack of wear and tear with competitors.

UV Stable Material: Traction Board Material Will Never Fade

The material is also UV stable, meaning you can choose from various color options without worrying that they'll fade in the sun like most traction boards. Choose from eye-catching reds, blacks or greens. When UV damage causes materials to fade, it can also cause significant damage and even melt certain materials, meaning that your traction tracks won't be fit for use and will need to be replaced, however, not in the case of Rhino USA!

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Ultimate Way To Store Your Traction Tracks With A Carry Bag & Mounting Brackets

You can also benefit from easy storage with Rhino USA's Heavy Duty Organiser Carrying bag. Store your traction tracks with ease with our carrying bag. With one simple purchase of our traction boards, you'll benefit from a storage bag that is easy to wear and carry. With industry standard mounting brackets spacing of 270mm, you'll also find it easy to take your traction boards on your vehicles. The traction boards are incredibly lightweight to make for easy transportation.

A Pair Of Rhino USA Webbing Leashes

Rhino USA's are infinitely better than competitors and are the best traction boards around. Why? Because they come with double Rhino USA's webbing leashes to provide additional support and guidance when your car or truck is on the traction tracks. Other recovery traction tracks do not offer this with their traction mats. No other boards, provide this level of support with your traction board. Over a rugged ridge, your webbing leashes will help guide your vehicle onto safe terrain without jeopardizing tire pressure or with wheels spinning. In most situations, you will have a challenging job controlling the vehicle over unstable ground without Rhino USA's webbing leashes.

Unique Knob Design Prevents Tire Spinning

The unique knob design helps prevent wheel spin for your tires with added traction. It is tough to recover your cars, trucks or UTV vehicles if your tires are spinning. Throw in non-traction with snow, sand, or mud, and you'll have difficulty getting your vehicle back from the elements. For most traction boards, unlike Rhino USA, you'll find that their knob design doesn't cut it with their trucks, cars, or vehicles, leading to wheel spinning.

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Perfectly Designed For Snow

Do you need to recover your truck in the snow? If you are in a cold situation, you want to ensure you can safely carry out your vehicle recovery. Fortunately, Rhino USA's traction mats come with glove-friendly handles, so you don't have to risk freezing your hands in bad weather and can grip the traction mats securely to place them under your vehicle. The recovery board also acts as a shovel to create a way of clearing snow safely. The same goes for removing sand or mud from your tires.

Enjoy traction mats that provide the ultimate tire traction over a rugged ridge, soft snow, or sand. Lightweight, durable and easy to store, Rhino USA's traction boards are the best assistance you can get in your off-road vehicle recovery. All of our products come with a lifetime warranty, to give you peace of mind and ensure you have the highest quality product!

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How Do You Use Recovery traction Boards?

You could need to undertake vehicle recovery in any weather. Rhino USA's multifunctional and lightweight traction boards act as a shovel so you can clear snow, mud, or sand from around your tires. Slot the recovery boards under your tires facing the direction you want to go, as the additional elevation will help you move your vehicle better. If you are using another vehicle to support, use the webbing leashes as a safer way to get your vehicle moving. Then, it's time to start driving! Slowly drive the vehicle; as it moves, the tires will begin to grip, and the wheels will gain better traction, helping you successfully recover your vehicle.

In What Terrain Would You Need Recovery Boards?

Soft terrain like snow, mud, or sand is the most common scenario where you'll need off-road recovery boards. If obstacles are on the ground like rocks, you might also need help with recovery mats to avoid puncturing your tires.

Are traction boards worth it?

Whether or not traction boards are worth it depends on your specific needs and circumstances. If you frequently go off-roading in areas with challenging terrain or adverse weather conditions, then traction boards can be a valuable investment. They can help you avoid getting stuck and having to rely on other vehicles or expensive towing services to get out of a tough spot. Whether you frequently engage in off-road activities or simply like to be more than prepared at all times, we highly recommend having a pair of traction boards, making them a worth it in every way.