Top 5 Essential UTV Recovery Gear

Top 5 Essential UTV Recovery Gear

Written by Thomas Nielsen
April 19, 2023

UTV trail riding is an enjoyable and exhilarating way to get out and explore the great outdoors. You can travel further into the bush than you ever imagined possible while still being comfortable. 

UTVs are being produced with an increasing number of luxuries and conveniences each year. Because of the increasing complexity of the equipment, it is essential to keep in mind that it requires regular maintenance and that it may malfunction at an inconvenient time.

You do not want to find yourself in the middle of nowhere unprepared, so be sure you do not let that happen. There are some items that every owner of these fun vehicles ought to have, both at home in the garage and on the trail, in order to ensure that they are prepared for whatever may come their way.

Top 5 UTV Recovery Gear:

  1. UTV compact kinetic recovery kit
  2. UTV Tool Roll Bag
  3. Recovery Snatch Block
  4. Soft Shackles
  5. Kinetic Recovery Rope

When you are out on the trail and miles away from civilization, having the necessary tools and supplies is an absolute necessity. Here, we explore the UTV recovery gear that every UTV driver needs to keep in their vehicles.

UTV in the desert

1. UTV compact kinetic recovery kit

If you own a UTV, the UTV Compact Kinetic Recovery Kit is an item that you absolutely must have stashed away in the back of your vehicle.

This has all of the essentials and will not only save your life if you get stuck, but it will also save you money because you will not have to buy all of the equipment and accessories for your vehicle separately. 

What is included?

  • 20ft x 5/8” Kinetic Recovery Rope 15,100lbs MBS
  • 22in x 7/16” Synthetic Soft Shackles - 44,050lbs MBS
  • Folding E-Tool Recovery Shovel
  • 14pc Compact Tire Plug Repair Kit
  • Camo Storage Bag

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Why is this the ultimate recovery kit for a UTV owner?

The heavy-duty camouflage storage bag is an excellent option for transporting the recovery tools and equipment that you have. If you have all of these things in the same location, then in the event that your vehicle becomes disabled, you will have everything you need accessible and in the same location, which is an essential safety feature. When they are attempting to retrieve their kit while their vehicle is stuck in mud, snow, or water, the last thing anyone wants to do is crawl into the trunk of their vehicle. They only need to get out their UTV recovery gear in order to liberate their automobiles in the most expedient and secure manner feasible.

Soft shackles, a recovery rope, a shovel, and a tire repair kit are some of the most fundamental items that you need to be transporting in your ATV at all times. 

UTV recovery kit

2. UTV Tool Roll Bag

UTV tool roll bags are an essential item of recovery equipment that should be carried on any and all off-road adventures in a UTV or ATV.  These are designed to hold all of your tools and miscellaneous items associated with your UTV, to make sure that you are always prepared with the right tools to fix or make adjustments to your 4x4 vehicle. The double diamond stitched tool roll bag offers labeled pouches that are capable of holding pliers, socket, wrenches, and more, and each pouch is removable for your ease.

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3. Recovery snatch block

The Snatch Block is an important piece of equipment that should be included in any and all recovery gear sets. When it comes to applications and uses, there is an almost infinite number of possible combinations. Because it can be used to self-recover, change directions, pull someone else out, or quadruple the pulling power and weight of your winch cable, this is a helpful item that everyone ought to have in their rig. It is for this reason that everyone should have this in their rig.

Because the Rhino recovery snatch block is equipped with a heavy-duty 13.5-ton break strength, you can rely on it to pull you and your ATV vehicle out of any precarious situation. It is something you absolutely need as part of your recovery gear.

Recovery snatch block

4. Soft shackles

A soft shackle is a small loop of 12-strand rope measuring between 12 and 22 inches in circumference. This loop is formed into a closed loop by tying a noose and a huge stopper knot. They are used to connect automobiles or other things together that would otherwise be attached with a carabiner, quick link, metal shackle, or D-ring. One advantage of using a soft shackle is that, because they are designed to be soft, they may be wrapped around metal or plastic and do not normally harm the paint in the same way that metal on metal would. As well as being significantly lighter in weight than the metal versions, this is one of the many advantages of using a soft shackle.        

The Rhino USA Synthetic Soft Shackles, which are available in green and dark grey, are lab-tested in the United States to a 46,250-pound breaking strength because of the use of heavy-duty synthetic fiber in their construction. They are the perfect product for towing, and recovery without damaging the paint and plastic on your ATV vehicles. Make sure you put these in your recovery gear bag.

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5. Kinetic recovery rope

The Kinetic Recovery Rope possesses elasticity, which means that it may stretch and enable kinetic energy to provide some additional "grab" to free a vehicle that is genuinely stuck. This can help free a vehicle that is otherwise immobilized. There is another name for this kind of rope or recovery strap, and that name is a "yank" rope or strap. For instance, the kinetic rope is a good piece of recovery gear that can be deployed in the event that an ATV is stuck up to the axles in sand or thick muck.

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It also makes things a lot simpler for both of the ATV's or UTV's involved and helps to reduce the amount of tension.

kinetic recovery rope

Bonus item: UTV wheel chock tie down set

This Wheel Chock UTV Tie-Down System comes with all of the heavy-duty gear you require in order to permanently mount the front-wheel chocks that are included in your trailer, regardless of whether it is made of metal or wood. When loading and securing cargo, using wheel chocks creates the ideal cradle for the front tires of the vehicle, which eliminates the need for any guesswork. The heavy-duty 2" Rhino USA tie-down straps with padded grips are supplied with a clip system that is the industry standard called E Track. This clip system enables a quick and easy connection between the straps.

 Choose Rhino USA for your UTV and ATV recovery gear

When you choose Rhino USA for your UTV recovery gear kit, or tool roll up bag you are choosing to purchase from a small, family run business. Every product for sale includes a lifetime warranty, and you can be assured of the best service. Make sure you are buying your recovery kit from Rhino USA. 

rhino usa tow strapFAQ's

Are recovery tracks useful for UTV?

Recovery tracks or traction boards are very useful for any 4x4 vehicle or UTV that you take off-roading. Often times when you go off-road you will encounter unpredictable terrains such as mud, sand, snow, or loose rock. In these instances a recovery traction board can be one of the most effective ways to get you UTV or ATV back on track.

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  • Suspension: The Can-Am Maverick has a more sophisticated suspension system that provides a smoother ride over rough terrain.

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