10 Essential UTV Accessories for Newbies

10 Essential UTV Accessories for Newbies

Written by Pierce Bryant
December 14, 2022

So, you are new to UTVs, or are semi-experienced and searching for some kick-ass accessories to add to your ride. You came to the right place. In this article, we will go over many different UTV accessories you can order today. UTVs are fun, but you will soon find that some accessories are vital to ensuring a great day on the trails, and overall providing you with a much better off-roading experience.

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Essential UTV Accessories for Beginners

1. UTV Wheel Chock Tie Down Kit

When it comes to essential UTV accessories for beginners, the UTV Wheel Chock Tie Down Kit should not be overlooked. This kit is designed to keep your UTV securely in place during transport, providing peace of mind and preventing potential damage. The wheel chocks lock your UTV's front wheels into position, preventing any lateral movement. Coupled with heavy-duty tie-down straps, this kit ensures your UTV remains stable and safe, even on bumpy trails or while towing.

2. Mounted Fire Extinguisher

utv fire extinguisher mount

Second on our list is none other than a fire extinguisher with a mount. This is for some added peace of mind on the off chance that your UTV begins overheating, or worse, catches on fire. Although UTVs are undeniably thrilling, and that five-point harness gives a great impression of safety, UTV fires are more common than you would like to believe. From 2013 to 2018, RZR had more than 10 recalls for fire safety hazards. Go ahead and do yourself, family, and friends a favor now, and invest some money into a fire extinguisher. Although it is technically rare, this is one of those “better safe than sorry” situations.

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3. Tire Inflator & Repair Kit

utv tire inflator and repair kit

Minor Flat tire? No problem. UTV tires often see more debris than other vehicles, and with more debris comes a higher chance of tire punctures. A flat tire can completely ruin a good trail ride, and with the right tools you can prevent that. Invest some money into a tire repair kit and a tire inflator gauge, so that you can plug and air-up your flat and be back on the trail with little to no time wasted.

4. Global Positioning System - GPS

utv navigation system gps

Gone are the good ole’ days of trail maps, it is time to get yourself a quality GPS. These days, most GPS producers – like Garmin – have trails and other areas mapped out in their Global Positioning System database. This is especially helpful if you plan on driving further out into unincorporated areas, where it is best to have a reliable navigation system on hand in the off chance that you find yourself lost.

5. Winch or Recovery Kit

utv winch recovery

In a tough spot? Use a winch to connect to another vehicle and lift your UTV out! Although expensive, winches are very versatile recovery tools. If you are on your own and do not have another vehicle to attach to, simply combine the winch with a tree saver strap, and use any nearby rock or tree to do the job. If a winch does not fit your current budget, pick up a more affordable recovery kit.


6. UTV Wrist Restraints

utv wrist restraints rhino usa

Rollovers are common, and in some cases, extremely dangerous. The damage to your UTV is one problem, but damage to your body? No Bueno. UTV Wrist Restraints keep your arms inside of the vehicle during a rollover, preventing the risk of breaking, or worse, completely losing your arm in the process. Yes, it can really happen, and a set of heavy-duty wrist restraints are considered a must-have for any serious UTV owner. Protect yourself, your family, and friends when you invest in this accessory.

Listed below are some tragic stories related to rollover accidents and missing limbs:

UTV Driver’s Arm Suffers Near-Complete Amputation
Teenage Girl’s Arm Amputated in Tragic UTV Crash
Girl Loses Right-Arm Following a UTV Rollover

7. Complete First-Aid Kit

utv first aid kit

Speaking of UTV accidents, we would not recommend taking your UTV out without having a First-Aid Kit readily available for immediate action. Accidents do happen, and it can often take a while for medical assistance to reach you, especially when you are in a more remote area. Invest in a quality First-Aid Kit and feel more confident on the trail that you are properly prepared for the worst-case scenario.

8. Spare Tire & CVT Belt

utv spare wheel

If a puncture cannot be solved with the above-mentioned tire repair kit, be sure to always have a spare tire on hand. Also, we highly recommend carrying a spare CVT belt, as well as the tools necessary to change it if needed. Your UTVs CVT belt is the lifeline for your trail ride, if it breaks, you will be left stranded. Learn how to replace the belt on the go for an uninterrupted ride.

9. Portable Jump Starter

utv portable jump starter box

This one is kind of obvious. If your UTV battery dies, you would better hope you packed a Portable Jump Starter. This simple tool is a lifesaver when you need it the most. Not only is it affordable, but you can find many different sellers on sites like Amazon, or often in-store at your local off-road shop.

10. On-The-Go UTV Tool Kit

UTV tool roll bag

When it comes to UTVs, you will always find the need to tighten something or make a few general adjustments. For whatever reason, most (if not all) UTV brands do not include a UTV Tool Kit with the sale of each vehicle. Strange right? Do yourself a favor and begin researching the many different tools and sizes you may need to fit your new UTV, trust us, it will come in handy later! We highly recommend the Rhino USA UTV Tool Roll Bag for just $46.90!

tow strap vs recovery strapFAQ's

What does UTV stand for?

UTV stand for Utility Terrain Vehicle, however, it can also stand for Utility Task Vehicle. UTV's are also referred to as side-by-sides or SXS for short.

What is the best UTV?

It is tough to decide which UTV is the absolute best as some people are looking for different features, prefer different brands, or have a different budget. However, we recommend the Can Am Maverick X3 and Polaris RZR as our favorite UTV's, so make sure to read our in-depth comparison of the two!