What is Overlanding? The Best Rundown for Newbies

What is Overlanding? The Best Rundown for Newbies

Written by Pierce Bryant
March 20, 2023

If you are reading this, you are likely asking the question, “what is Overlanding?”. Overlanding is growing rapidly in terms of popularity. As a result, it leaves many adventurers wondering exactly what it means and how to get started. From our home state here in Southern California to the great states of Colorado, Texas, as well as places around the globe. Adventurers are increasingly packing their gear and embarking on their overland journeys.

In the past few years, Overlanding has taken the off-roading world by storm. We get asked about it quite often. So, we figured we would throw our hat in the ring and provide some information on the topic.

You asked: What is Overlanding?

what is overlanding

Think of off-roading, camping, and traveling to remote areas with little prior exploration. Now, combine it all-in-one, and you have the answer – Overlanding. This activity is perfect for anyone with a reliable off-road vehicle, a tent, and the necessary time to explore the great outdoors. A tent is not necessary if your vehicle is perfectly suitable for lodging. However, it is highly recommended if you are not comfortable sleeping in your vehicle for long periods of time – which you will need a lot of for Overlanding. No, a weekend trip to your favorite off-road area, drinking beer and roasting marshmallows, does not count as Overlanding.

This activity requires a lot of time, as well as patience. If road trips that take weeks, or months, sound like a bore to you. You will not enjoy Overlanding. However, we understand that some of you are relentless in discovering new challenges and adventures. Overlanding, although time-consuming, is a fantastic way to discover new places and spend quality time with friends and family.

Best Vehicles and Gear for Overlanding

best vehicles for overlanding

Overlanding involves many elements (mud, rocks, water, lakebeds, etc.). Therefore, you need a vehicle that is built to withstand the different elements on the path to your desired destination. Some Overlanders like to modify their vehicles, while some prefer to stick with the manufacturer’s recommended parts. If you plan on going a long distance in a vehicle with aftermarket parts, it would be advisable to have a skilled mechanic look at your vehicle before your trip.

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Rooftop cargo bag overlanding

Remember, you can become stranded if your vehicle is not properly prepared for Overlanding. Getting stuck close to home is bad enough. The middle of the desert, or deep into the forest – even worse. So, make sure you have the right type of vehicle, the right parts, and some emergency supplies prepared for the worst-case scenario.

With that said, many vehicles can be converted into an overlanding rig. This includes Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers, Vans, and even Motorcycles. From a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon to a 1996 Land Rover Discovery, your overlanding journey is only just getting started. Some popular overlanding models include Toyota’s Tacoma, Land Cruiser, and 4Runner. As well as a wide variety of Jeeps. If you would like to learn more, you can view Expedition Portal’s list of the Top 10 Used Overland Vehicles.

As for gear, here are some items to assist on your journey:

  • High-Quality Tent
  • Vehicle Recovery Kit
  • Emergency First-Aid Kit
  • Powerful Flashlight
  • Reliable Compass
  • Map or GPS System
  • Plenty of Water
  • Vehicle Toolkit
  • Full-Size Spare Tire
  • Toiletries
  • Camping Supplies
  • Premium Traction Boards

The History of Overlanding

history of overlanding

Originating in Australia, Overlanding was a term used to describe herding livestock across great distances. In the mid-19th century, the definition had expanded to many different activities – like African Safari’s. It was not until the early 20th century that Overlanding really took off as a well-known and popular activity. Today, almost every off-roader and outdoor enthusiast has come across the term in one way or another.

Is Overlanding for everyone?

can anyone overland

To wrap this all up, Overlanding is awesome, it just takes a lot of time and preparation to ensure a safe trip. Be ready for many different challenges along the way, and always include a first-aid kit and an emergency supply of food for the off-chance that you will need it. Overall, many people thoroughly enjoy this activity, and when done right, we believe you would enjoy it just as much.

We hope this article was helpful and informative. At Rhino USA, we provide high-quality recovery gear, tie-down straps, and so much more. If you are in the market for some new gear, be sure to check out our online store at www.rhinousainc.com.

Rhino USA overlandingFAQ's

How Do I Start Overlanding?

Overlanding can be an expensive hobby to start, however, it can be done on a budget as well. Overlanding requires you to have a vehicle suitable for almost all terrains and able to cover long distances over an extended period of time. We recommend checking out our list of best overlanding vehicles under $10,000! Outside of having a dedicated overlanding vehiclewe also recommend being prepared with the proper gear. Make sure you check out our list of essential overlanding and off-road gear.