How To Connect a Tow Strap to D-Ring Shackles

How To Connect a Tow Strap to D-Ring Shackles

Written by Thomas Nielsen
May 1, 2023
Tow straps are pieces of equipment that are both very basic and quite valuable, and they have the potential to save lives in a wide variety of different scenarios. Towing vehicles or rescuing them from difficult situations are the two primary functions of these recovery tools.

There is no need for concern if you are unsure how to secure one to a d-ring shackle and attached to a vehicle because the process is pretty simple. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of attaching a tow strap in the most efficient and risk-free manner possible so that you can get up to speed quickly.

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RHino USA recovery tow strap

What is a recovery tow strap?

The first thing to note is that a tow strap is not designed for recovering a vehicle. Recovery tow straps however, are engineered to recover stuck vehicle due to the additional stretch that they provide. Recovery tow straps are long straps that are used to link one vehicle to another, usually in conjunction with D-ring shackles, in the event that one of the vehicles is stuck and needs to be pulled free.

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They are an essential component of the vehicle recovery emergency kit that should be kept in your vehicle, particularly if you live in an area where snow or mud are commonplace or enjoy off-roading.

What are D-ring shackles?

Towing, recovery, and hitching are all applications that benefit greatly from the use of a galvanized D-ring shackle - a clevis shackle, or a tow shackle are some of the other names that it goes by in the industry.

It is essential to keep in mind that d-shaped shackles are designed to only withstand pulling in a straight line, as side pulls have the potential to twist or bend the shackle.

Shackles for D-rings can be purchased in a screw pin form and feature a galvanized finish to defend against regular corrosion and rust.

How to attach a tie strap to the D-ring shackles

You are probably curious about how to connect a tow strap if you have never used one before and have never had the need to do so. The following are three easy steps that will guide you through the process of doing this in a way that is both effective and secure.

Connect to the recovery vehicle

Each end of your Rhino USA recovery two strap is made with triple reinforced loop ends. These loop ends are where you will attach the Rhino USA d-ring. Simply unscrew the pin on the d-ring and place your tow strap loops ends through open space. Then slide the d-ring pin back through tow strap and fasten it tightly.  Once this is completed, the d-ring can be attached to the vehicles mounting point or to a shackle hitch receiver.

Connect to the other vehicle

The next step is to find the mounting hook that is located on the front of the car that is stuck. It may be tucked away or covered with plastic on a number of vehicles; nevertheless, once you have located it, you should not attach the tow hook to any other component of the vehicle. Another alternative is to have a shackle hitch receiver on both vehicle, where the d-ring shackle can be hooked on to, providing a much safer and stronger connection to both vehicles.

After you have located it, attach the D-ring to it, and then give the recovery strap a few good yanks to ensure that it is not too loose.

Attaching tow strap to d-ring shackle

Begin pulling

Once both ends of the recovery strap have been linked to the recovery vehicle in a safe and secure manner, you are able to start dragging the stuck vehicle with the recovery vehicle. The vehicle that is being pulled behind another car should be in drive or first gear before the pull begins. In that case, you should keep it in the neutral gear position. In either scenario, the parking brake needs to be released.

After that, you should begin to very slowly move the car that is doing the towing forward until the recovery tow strap is taught, and then you should continue so that you are gradually pulling the other vehicle.

It is imperative that you proceed with extreme caution in order to prevent malfunctions or serious injury.

D-Ring shackles from Rhino USA

Rhino USA D-ring shackles are built to last and we have full confidence that they help you pull your vehicle. The break strength is among the highest in the industry (over 40,000 pounds), and we do lab tests on them right here in the United States. Our D-ring shackles will exceed any others that are available on the market since they are long-lasting and available at an unbelievable cost.

As well as being heavy duty, when you order D-ring shackles from Rhino USA, you have the choice of multiple colors, so they look good on your vehicle. Choose from green, matte, gloss black, red, and silver, so you always look good on the road.

When you have a vehicle full of recovery gear and various other accessories, being able to find something when you need it can be tricky. When you purchase D-Ring shackles from Rhino USA, you also get a handy box with a carry handle for easy storage and transportation, so you always have them to hand. when you need them. 

The Rhino USA D-Ring Shackles have two black isolators and four rubber washers, which together result in a reduction in the amount of road noise. In addition to this, this product offers supplementary protection at the connection points. The 7/8-inch pin is compatible with virtually all trucks and, because of the deep threading, the D-rings can provide the highest possible level of safety.

Why Rhino USA?

Here at Rhino USA, we're proud to be a family owned and operated business located in Temecula, California.  However, we're not just "any" small family business, we are a Father and 2 Sons who are avid motorcycle and powersports enthusiasts. We designed and thoroughly field tested all of our products to make sure they are the best! Buy your Rhino Tow Strap or Rhino Shackles today!
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Can I use any tow strap to connect to D-ring shackles?

It's important to use a tow strap that is rated for the weight of the vehicle you are towing. Make sure to check the weight rating of your tow strap before connecting it to D-ring shackles.

Can I connect a tow strap directly to the bumper or frame of my vehicle instead of using D-ring shackles?

It's not recommended to connect a tow strap directly to the bumper or frame of your vehicle, as this can cause damage to the vehicle and create a safety hazard. D-ring shackles are designed to distribute the load evenly and provide a secure connection for the tow strap. It's important to use them for safe towing and recovery.