Instantly Increase the Pull Power of Your Winch

Instantly Increase the Pull Power of Your Winch

Introducing the Rhino USA Snatch Block.

This Snatch block is the latest Off-Roading equipment brought you by the team at Rhino USA.

Built for the toughest trails, and the ultimate adventurers that roam them. A Snatch Block is not only perfect for moving heavy loads over a short distance, but also great for recovering a family member or friend that gets their vehicle stuck during a lengthy trail ride.

Recovery Snatch Block

Check out the general specs of the Rhino USA Heavy Duty Recovery Snatch Block below.

27,056LBS Break strength

This adds a 13.5 ton break strength to your winch. Meaning you can almost instantly double the rating of your winch, when you add a Snatch Block to your setup.

Cutting edge construction

Engineered and constructed with high-tier performance in mind. This Snatch Block is crafted with a superior aerospace polymer pulley, and 6mm powder coated drop forged steel.

Works with all winches

As Rhino USA does not offer a winch on their line of products, we designed this rugged Snatch Block to handle any synthetic rope & steel cable up to 3/8 in & Common 3/4 in Shackles.

Reduces heat buildup

By reducing heat build up and amperage draw, this Snatch Block will protect your synthetic rope from any potential damage caused by overheating.

Lifetime Guarantee

All of Rhino USA’s products come with a Lifetime Warranty. We believe in the strength and quality of our products and are proud to back them with this guarantee.


If you are ready to take your off-road recovery game to the next level, pick up your Rhino Snatch Block today from Amazon, or right here on the Rhino USA website.